Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 01/31/98


Atlantic City, New Jersey

January 31, 1998

Taj Mahal
Mark G. Etess Arena

Review provided by Ted:

I just returned home after another great Dylan show. I figured I would
review it for those of you who were not fortunate enough to have seen and
heard this fabulous performance. My seat was 22 rows back,  just left of
center, a good seat but you were not allowed to stand.  As far as I could
tell it was an all out Rock n' Roll show, but most people wanted to sit
down.  Personally I thought that was very weak for those people not to
stand but I guess they are getting old and crotchety.  Anyway enough of

The concert opened up with a very nice Absolutely Sweet Marie.  It was the
best sound I have ever heard on an opening tune.  Following that was a
sweet version of  Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You.  
Next up was a very slick and groovin' Can't Wait, followed by a splendid
Just Like A Woman.  Of course, as usual, Silvio closed out the first
portion of the show and as always did not disappoint. 

 The acoustic portion of the show was a real treat, but unfortunately no
surprises.  Excellent versions of Cocaine Blues and Masters Of War in
addition to a spirited
Tangled Up In Blue. Electric music returned with a real charge.  Million
(the first time I saw it) was incredible.  Bob and Larry played some very
fine and precise guitar pieces to bring it up to blues heaven.  This Wheels
On Fire was perfectly sung and played.  It had a very nice eery,
psychedelic strangeness about it that I think it requires.  (It sounded so
good I thought to myself they might be recording this show for a future
live record.  If they are not, I think they should because I haven't heard
Dylan this good in a long time, maybe ever.  I know he's been doing this
for five years now or so (Thanks Jerry Garcia, God rest your soul!!) but
Dylan is really smokin' now.)  An immensly rocking version of Highway 61
Revisited closed out the set and we were all eagerly anticipating the

Til' I Fell In Love With You was the first one out of the box and it was
superb.  I'm not sure if it was as good as the one at the Trocadero in
Philly in December but certainly enjoyable.  Next was a great reading of It
Aint Me Babe,  Acoustic and crystal clear, it proved to, and reminded me of
how great of song it is.  The third encore, Lovesick,  in my opinion the
best tune of the night.  Quite frankly, they nailed it.  Sung and played to
perfection, it was mesmerizing.  As always, the lights went up as they
launched into a joyous Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35, and finally everyone stood
and danced as a jubilant party erupted amongst the crowd.  All in all a
fabulous show and hope to see you in Delaware.

God Bless, Ted

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