Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Music Hall

March 4, 2022

[Nick Miller], [Dennis Wolter], [Laurette Maillet], [Mike McEvoy]

Review by Nick Miller

My journey to see Bob in 2022 starts in rainy Sydney, Australia at the
start of March. Seeing Bob in Tucson has been a bucket list item for many
years having lived in Tucson from 1999-2000 and going to my first Bob
concert in the mud at the Sydney Showgrounds in 1978.

Itís strange to be flying again and after a night in LA I arrive in
sunny Tucson. Iíve got a few days to acclimatise - staying with friends
- and then the day arrives! I get to the Bob Dylan Fan Club get together
at LaCo around 5 pm and soon meet with Caroline, Erika and others for a
convivial hour or so. 

I get to the Tucson Music Hall just before 7 pm - entry is all good and I
soon meet up with friends just made! Iím in Row M with a good view and
fun people around me. The show starts right on time at 8 pm and after some
muffled early moments the sound throughout is great. The lighting is
simple yet striking. Well done to all those behind the scenes and at the
venue that make the show so enjoyable. 

The set list is as Phoenix the night before - so nine songs from Rough and
Rowdy Ways and eight others across Bobís extensive catalogue. Standing
ovations take place after each song.

The band are in an egalitarian line with drums then upright piano and
keyboards. Bob stands at the piano most of the night with the two
guitarists close by. Bobís voice is in great shape as is his harmonica
and piano playing.

My favourites - though the whole concert was amazing - were for Rough and
Rowdy Ways Key West and for the other songs Gotta Serve Somebody. During
the band introductions Bob refers to the Wildcats.

At 9.40 pm the concert ends with Bob and the band - all dressed in black -
standing in a line. 

The overriding feeling for me and the respectful audience is one of sheer

Goodbyes outside to new friends and then back to reality.

The trip for one show from the land down under was so worth it - Donít
You Dare Miss It!

Nick Miller


Bob's comments and other observations by Dennis Wolter

Prior to band intros

Alright Thank You

Nice to be here

Home of the Wildcats (U of A mascot and Hockey Team name)

How we doing the Wildcats?


How about the Roadrunners? (American Hockey League affiliate of the
Arizona Coyotes)

They going to play each other?

Band intros 


Both teams play at the Tucson Convention Center which is next door to the
Tucson Music Hall

Same as last night there are lights above stage shining on the audience.
Not as bright as last night and I wore a baseball cap. 

Staff/security carried the same signs as last night to turn off phones

Bob sounded great and played harmonica on the start of several songs (When
I Paint My Master Piece, with a reference to Willie Nelson? after the
song, Iíll Be Your Baby Tonight, To Be Alone With You). He stiffly
shuffled out from behind the piano between several songs. Sure has aged
from seeing him in Phoenix October 2018

Itís obvious that many concert goers are not familiar with Rough and
Rowdy Ways. They are also not prepared for one song after band intro and
then concert over. 

Definitely an enjoyable concert and highly recommend. Unfortunately my
last concert of the tour. 

Dennis Wolter


Review by Laurette Maillet

From Phoenix to Tucson March 4th.
I get up early on March 4th. I say goodbye to Luna the dog and reach the 
greyhound station by "metro". The trip to Tucson is short, two hours. I 
have the address of my CS host and I know it's kind of far. Anyway I start 
walking and walking and...two hours. I'm almost there when I see a 
gentleman waiting for a bus. I ask how much is the fare. He says FREE. CRAP!
Well! I had a nice walk. I saw a Buddha in a garden and asked him to bless me.
My CS host home is beautiful. Everything is Art; garden of flowers and plants, 
sculptures, ceramic, and ... chickens.
I take a shower, wash my clothes and relax.
I will catch a FREE bus around 5.30pm. No reason to hang around the 
Band/Dylan buses. Bob is locked in there! :(
The Arizona music Hall is on a large property.
I take my sign out:"I need a ticket". Immediately a security man approaches 
me "why don't you buy a ticket at the box office?".
†"I want a good seat and maybe someone has an extra ticket".
"ok. But I will ask my boss if it's alright".
30 minutes of peace and here , he comes again.
"My boss says you can't deal money on that private property. You have to 
move." Fine. I move away from the main entrance. Here he is, back again.
" You are still on the private property".†
Off I go, far away, by the parking lot. Here he comes again. I finally believe 
I have to give up. No chance tonight.
As I walk towards the bus station I realize there is another parking lot across 
the street. I stand here for 5 minutes when a gentleman with a cap comes 
to me. "I have an extra ticket. It's 500$ first row center"
"I can't afford it. I'm an Artist"
He moves away and sadly I murmur "the seat will be empty". I'm even 
sorry for Bob! I have the feeling he won't even try to sell it.
10 minutes later, I see him walking back.
We have a little chat. He wants to make sure I'm a fan :) I believe I am :):)
Finally he says "come with me"
We move first row center! Crap!
No rail. No security to block the view. The perfect seating. I am right in 
front of the center mike. Hopping for Bob to play standing tonight.

I turn my cellphone off. Don't want to be kicked out.
Show starts.
Fantastic. Bob's face is clear at this position.
White as a ghost but looking skinny. His eyes a bit puffy.
I know the setlist by heart so I'll do karaoke. :)
Bob HAS to look in my direction but I don't know how much he is able 
to see.:) Doesn't matter,me,I can see him.

"Watching the river flow" is confused. He misplaced his sheets of lyrics 
and can't find the right one. The Band has to fill up the gap. Tony is 
placid and Bob Britt amused.
If my memory serves me well he had the same problem on "To be 
alone with you" . He forgot the lyrics?
"I'll be your Baby tonight" moves me a lot as I have the feeling he's l
ooking straight at me. A bit of narcissism on my part :):):)
He will introduce those 2 songs and "Masterpiece"with harmonica. 
Yes! Harp!
And 3 times he moves from the piano to center stage, right in front 
of me. I stand up 3 times and applause with respect. I can see his 
clear blue eyes, I painted so many times!†
3 times he will grab the center mike apparently willing to sing up but 
he can't manage to take the mike off the pole so he gives up. Too bad!
Though he had problem with the lyrics of the old songs I see him doing 
"Key west" and "Mother of muses" without a blink. He knows those 
songs by heart!
And I appreciate "Mother of muses" for the first time:)
He will murmur something before introducing the Band but I couldn't 
catch it.
I karaoke on "every grain of sand" and here also he misplaced some 
He moves center , right in front of me. But he doesn't focus. No 
smile, no bow.
Bye bye Bobby. See you in Albuquerque. Close or....far.

Thank you Kevin for you generosity and your kindness. Sure!†
I'll paint a Masterpiece for you!


Comments by Mike McEvoy

Saw this show after Phoenix the night before.† Venue incredible.† Crowd
showed up on time. No distraction like the night before. Bob and the band
were incredible and the crowd responded with many ovations. Harp tonight!
On 3 songs, I think. Bob also came from behind the piano for many songs to
acknowledge the crowd after a song. The only thing that struck me- Bob
seemed to get distracted during Goodbye Jimmy Reed and it ended like
something less than a show stopper it was the night before. But, all in
all, a wonderful experience. And, I may add, the highlight besides the
shows are meeting fellow bobcats young and old. I met a few seing the bard
for the first time, too.


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