Anaheim, California

March 10, 2000

Sun Theatre

[Little Paul B.], [Brian Essex]

Review by Little Paul B.

You never what to expect when Bob Dylan and his traveling road show
pull into town. You do know that it is going to part revival, part
show and all rocking. So there he was late Friday night, on time and
everything. The crowd was up for it and he didn't disappoint. he started
off with "I Am The Man,  Thomas", which is an old Ralph Stanley song, I
think. it cooked. I knew right then that it was going to be one of those
nights. next came "My Back Pages" with Larry playing the fiddle, for me
that was the high point, I had tears in my my eyes and a smile on my face.
"Desolation Row" took me back to the Pasadena Civic in December of '65.
Dig it, he is still as skinny now as he was then. Each song was better
than the one before it, Dylan would take them through so many changes with
phrasing and sing behind the beat ala Lady Day. He smiled almost the
entire show. he also did his little leprechaun dance. he even did "Country
Pie" which to my knowledge has never been played live before. He got
spooky with "Not Dark Yet". White he was doing "Highway 61" , I kept
thinking about that George Clinton about tearing the toof of the sucker
and they did. They were burning. Man, what a band. The last time I saw
Dylan play "Ballad of A Thin Man", he was playing the piano and it was 35
years ago. It was eerie that December and it still is. They rocked Buddy
Holly's "Not Fade Away" like he meant and fooled the crowd singing ...No,
No on "It Ain't Me, Babe". They shut it down with "Leopard Skin Pill Box
Hat". The crowd wanted more but the lights came on and we filed out.
Happy. Man, it is great that Dylan and his band are still rocking in 2000.
We are lucky.

Peace, Little Paul B.


Review by Brian Essex

This show was announced exactly a week before so my review will begin
there.  A cold and rainy Saturday morning and I am in the back of a long
line to purchase tickets.  Of course, the shows to this 1,200 seat venue
were snatched up like Country Pie.  No matter the scalpers are selling at
fair prices so I eventually get tickets to both shows.  Fast forward one
week, my first show of the new millennium.  At the first show my seats are
three sections back.  This is Bob's fist show in quite some time, but the
rust is nowhere to be found.  This band plays so well together!  The band
breaks into Rovin' Gambler and the sound is extremely tight.  At that
moment I knew we were all in for a magical performance.  The first show
seemed a bit short, but was still thirteen songs long so how can anyone
complain.  It was nice to hear the first ever performances of "Tell Me it
isn't True" and "Things Have Changed."  The highlight of all highlights
was "Not Fade Away."  Is Bob telling us something by playing this song so
much.  First off Bob and the band play it flawlessly.  Secondly, I think
it is a sign that Bob is not going to sail off into the sunset any time
soon, which couldn't make me happier!

For the second show my tickets are in the first section which is standing
room only.  I am able to get into the line earlier and upon giving my
ticket to the attendant my party sprinted to the front of the stage.  The
show doesn't start for thirty minutes but who cares.  Thirty minutes of
standing around with other Dylan fans goes so quickly because of
everyone's love and affection for greatest rock star of our era.   In this
show we got the first ever live performance of Country Pie.  This fifteen
song set was highlighted by "Desolation Row and Ballad of a Thin Man."  I
picked those because I have never heard them live.  They finished up with
another great performance of "Not Fade Away," "It ain't me Babe," and
finally "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat."

The crowd groans as the lights come on.  Bob simply amazes me, because
like fine wine he is getting better with age.  He was upbeat and smiling
throughout the shows making eye contact with the audience.  I have to tell
you if you ever get the chance to get up close to the stage take it.  It
is well worth it to see our beloved Bob pour his blood, sweat and tears
into his music.  Keep up the great work guys and visit us in Southern
California more often!  

Brian C. Essex


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