Bakersfield, California

March 12, 2000

Centennial Garden

Review provided by Mark Stevens.

This was a more physical show than san luis, w/bob moving around more than
on saturday-and this band never ceases to amaze me,they work together
extremely well-and charlie sexton fits right in with larry,though i'd like
to see them have more chances to throw solos back and forth at each other,
not that I mind bob's soloing.....well, when it's in tune it's just
fine,but...well, you know what I mean.Anyway, the audience was real
confused about whether they wanted to sit or stand, and lots of arguments
were breaking out all over the floor due to patches of standees, and folks
who just wouldn't stand up, even though their view was blocked....i've
noticed this trend getting more and more typical the last five years or
so..c'mon folks, it ain't OPERA! If most of the crowd are standing, don't
bicker at them to sit down, just stand up and improve your view.The sound
at these shows has been very clear and clean, the crew are doing a great
job and deserve a round of applause themselves for keeping all of the
instruments in the mix, especially in the bigger places like the
centennial garden-the detailed sound of the acoustic instruments was
particularly good, and of course you can hear Mr. Dylan's vocals with no
trouble at all-he seems to be singing better than I've heard him do in the
past, seems to be in good health and spirits,too.See y'all in reno....

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