Visalia, California

March 14, 2000

Convention Center

[Kevin Salinger], [Rin Stargazer]

Review by Kevin Salinger

We got there at 5pm and Bob was in the middle of his soundcheck. We were
able to listen through the side doors for about half an hour while they
played Tombstone Blues, Senor, Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie, and This World
Can't Stand Long. The only vocals, unfortunately, were on the chorus
lines, and even then Bob's voice was only occasionally heard. It was
obvious even before the show began that the audience was filled with dylan
fans -- unlike Bakersfield a couple nights before (which was attended by
the most pathetic flock of losers I've ever seen --- the didn't even stand
up for H61R or NFA). Bob came out wearing black pants with a white stripe
down the leg, a mismatched jacket with a white shirt and tie, and white
pointed boots. He began the show with I Am the Man, Thomas, enunciating
the often difficult-to-understand words quite clearly. The show -- and the
audience -- really took off when he struck the first cords to My Back
Pages, which was the best I've heard it played. He fumbled through It's
Alright Ma... at one point he stared akwardly at the microphone trying to
remember which verse came next while the band waited for him, and then he
repeated the last half of the previous verse. The rest of the acoustic set
was good but fairly typical, except for This World, which was played with
a lot more emotion than at the Bakersfield show. Bob began the electric
set with Country Pie which he rattled off with suitable sillyness. One of
the highlights of the show was Blind Willie McTell, even though probably
95% of the audience didn't know what it was. Dear Landlord... well, you
can't say that he still doesn't surprise us sometimes. I was sitting
behind two tapers... they were quite pleased. The highlight of the show
was Blowin' in the Wind. Even though he's played it almost as much as
TUIB, he still manages to pull it off with amazing force. Near the end of
the song, Larry tried starting something on his guitar, but Bob put his
hand up, telling him to stop, and then he went on another harmonica solo.
Throughout the rest of the song, Bob was constantly using his head and his
hands to conduct the band... it was wild! This was my fourth Bob show (I'm
18) and by far the best one yet. From now on, all my Dylan shows will be
in small venues even if it means long trips. The difference is too
outstanding. See you all in Reno!!

-Kevin Salinger


Review by Rin Stargazer

The show was awesome. I don't have much to say about this show, but I give
you brief note from Visalia show for anyone who couldn't make it this
awesome show.  I missed opening act  and I couldn't get the poster from
Visalia show. The poster was sold out, however  I saw some other poster
from Cal-poly's one. (I don't wanna Cal- Poly's one because I didn't go
there. You know what I mean?) 
The highlights were Blind Wille McTell and Cat's In The Well. 
"Blind Wille Mctell" was first highlight to me.
Bob missed  (May be he skipped or mixed up) second or third verses but
still great performance to me.  Bob played great guitar solo and Bob also
changed some lyrics like, "I can tell you one one can sing
the blues like Blind Willie McTell" 
Most audience were siting down and listeing to Bob's voice until Bob
was start singing "Not Dark Yet". Some of audience were runing to the 
front of the stage, while Bob was singing
"Not Dark Yet" (I think Bob called up to audience to come to front.)
I expected "Rainy Day Woman"  or Like A Rolling Stone" but Bob had a another
idea for encore for after "Love Sick". "Cat's In The Well" was big
surprise to me. "Yeah~~yeah~~" I was waiting for this song for long time. 
"Cat's In The Well" was unfamiliar song for audience but they enjoyed it
I guess. I believe this is the  best version of "Cat's In The Well".
(wanna trade?) . 
I was so happy to hear that Bob played "Blowin' In The
Wind" with  Harmonica. Everyone wanted to see more after "Not Fade Away" 
but not too bad because everyone got great feeling from Bob.
I beileve Bob Dylan is awesome guitar player. He is not just singer!  Yes!
He is the blues man. 



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