Pocatello, Idaho

March 19, 2000

Idaho State University

Holt Arena

Review provided by Steven King.

We were all ready to go as the Holt Arena in Pocatello went dark and Bob
was escorted by flashlight to the stage over the ground that had held the
Dodge national finals rodeo just the night before. No bucking broncos
tonight just some good old rocking Dylan. The lights came up and he was
into Halleluja, I'm Ready to Go which was a theme he returned to a couple
more times with Not Dark Yet and  Not Fade Away. Being a fairly serious,
well full blown Dylan fan since , oh, 1966, I could see where he was
coming from. He followed up with Mr. Tambourine Man, kind of wondering
around through  the versus but hey if you write the song you get to sing
it however you want. Loved that look as he spun on his boots at "bootheels
to be wondering". It was a good growling into the mike version. It became
obvious he was having fun. Next was It's Right Ma followed by It's All
Over Now . Somehow for some reason this was my first show and with 3
classics in a row delivered with that power, well it was a good thing.
Then it was into Tangled Up In Blue. He did Rock of Ages next slowing
things down a bit. Then Country Pie and Bob started kicking up his heels
like any country boy. I never knew he could dance. Senor got him back in
that hard Dylan delivery and then back to the fun stuff with Stuck Inside
Mobile. Oh mama! He was swooning through I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  which
got everyone laughing. Slipped into Not Dark Yet just to remind us it
wasn't over  but be ready and then Highway 61 with more animated facial
expressions. Lot's of grinning that cheshire grin at the crowd. Love Sick
brought us to the contempory grammy winning Dylan but not for long. Like A
Rolling Stone and It's Alright where we got our one glimpse of  Bob and
the harmonica took us back to the days of yester year. On Not Fade Away I
could almost imagine the Dead on stage and back to the it's not over yet
theme. Then he did Blowin' In The Wind, a song that even those folks who
weren't sure why they were there suddenly remembered. He closed the night
with Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 which really got the folks that knew why
they were there hootin' and howlin'. It was a great show. I would have
paid $30 to be in the same space with the guy and everything else was just
icing on the cake and there was a plenty of that. It certainly made
driving through a blizzard and freezing fog for 3 hours worth it. Rockin',
high stepping Dylan making people dance and think, in his groove.

Thanks, Bob. Halleluja!!
Steven King
Pierre's Hole, Idaho

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