Nagoya, Japan

Zepp Nagoya

March 16, 2010

[Yashio Nakajima]

Review by Yashio Nakajima

Tonight's opener is the  2nd "Leopard Skin "since Osaka 2nd show (Mar.12) and
Charlie and Stu exchanged guitar licks and the band was already top form. Then"
Lay Lady Lay" followed , these were the same song order so far as Mar.12 and  I
was expecting  "Don't Think Twice" and "Just Like Woman" both were played on
that day.  On "Lay Lady Lay"  Bob played electric guitar for the first time in
3 shows but no harp this time. I was excited  with "Just Like a Woman"  as my
expectation came true.  During the chorus  audience screamed "Just Like a
Woman" and  it was very impressive . Then" The Levee" followed . Last night's
1st Nagoya show  there were only one new comer to the set list and  I have
prayed and prayed in mind for more new songs to the set list. Sweet guitar  and
harp intro struck  my heart.  "Every Grain of Sand"  Not only the1st time on
this tour but  has only played  twice in previous Japan tours , in Sapporo
Feb.24 1997 and  in Hamamatsu Mar.13 2001. He played harp between almost every
line and  took solo most of the non verse part of the song. It was compelling
performance. After "Cold Iron Bound" "Sugar Baby" was performed for the first
time in Japan .  Bob's voice is very strong and clear and this  song  fits with
small venue like Zepp.

Song order No.10 as well as No.4 Bob played unique songs on these slots on 
this Japanese tour so far. Tonight  the 2nd " Desolation  Row" was chosen. 
Bob's keyboard playing is very prominent and impressive. "Highway 61" heated up
the crowd and the big excitement of the audience  is cooled down with "Sprit on
the Water"  Listening to this song  in the small venue is like relaxing in my
living room.

Then  audience in the House was recharged and was  rocking on "Thunder On the
Mountain ". Bob eagerly collaborated with Charlie during the solo. "Ballad of A
Thin Man". Bob's center stage performance on this song is always something
special.  Because of the dramatic lighting effect Bob looked  like Tycoon and
he howled and blew harp. On the encore  "Like a Rolling Stone"  Bob played
impressive keyboard  lick before the final verse and then he grinned. Following
"Jolene" he introduced the band members as usual . Then the band  flooded into 
"All Along the Watch Tower" and wrapped up  with the packed audience.

Over all I was very impressed  Bob's very strong voice has came back and his
maemukina keyboard performance. Last Japan tour 2001 Bob has played 37 One Off
songs out of 13 shows. So far 20 songs out of 7 shows. I hope more to come. 

Yashio Nakajima


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