Bozeman, Montana

March 24, 2000

Montana State University
Brick Breeden Field House

Review provided by Fred Robinson.

I thought it would be tough for Bob and the Boys to top Wednesday's
performance in Missoula, but I think they did.  Its a close call and maybe
the show seemed a little better to us because our seats were better here
than in Missoula.  I think Bob was a little more animated and in slightly
better voice. His harmonica on DTT was great.  He did this little thing
with his hand holding the cord that made it look as though he was waving
at the crowd and the crowd went wild.  As is Missoula, the crowd was
rather subdued at first but by the time the main set was done, everyone
was dancing.  I was worried that the sound would not be as good as in
Missoula because the Bozeman field house is so large, but I worried for
nothing.  The guitars were crystal clear and you could understand every
word Bob sang.  It was fun when Ray came out and accompanied the band on
NFA and RDW.  Bob said something to Ray like, "Now we will see what you
can do."  Ray let out a boisterous laugh and everyone proceeded to have a
great time.  Tony and Ray attempted to high five each other but Ray's
outstretched hand was too tall for Tony to reach. 
    I am growing a little tired of hearing and reading all these
that Dylan is the "poet laureate of our generation" and that "the value of
Dylan's music is in his words."  There is certainly truth in the
statements, but Bob is for all generations and his words work much better
with his music than without.  Bob's music is happening now; the 60's are
over; the 70's are over; the 80's are over; the 90's are over; its the new
millenium and Bob is as much a part of what is new as he is of what is
old.  He mixes the old with the new and comes up with something better
than ever.
    These shows are addicting.  I am going to have grieve after the show
Billings because I do not know when I will be seeing another show and
there is no one else that I want to see. 

Fred Robinson

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