Casper, Wyoming

March 26, 2000

Casper Events Center

[Charlie Anderson], [Annie Eward]

Review by Charlie Anderson

It was a wonderful show! Bob was very animated throughout. By the end of
the show the kids in front of us were moshing and crowd surfing! It was my
first time seeing Charlie Sexton and I was impressed, but really he
couldn't overshadow Bob who generally exceeded my expectations. I first
saw him on the fairwell tour with the band at their Denver show in 75
maybe? Lots of humor and movement on stage from Bob in a sly understated
sort of way. He looked very comfortable and secure. The songs were well
played and intense, Bob played most of the lead guitar, but let Larry and
Charlie Sexton take solos. Watchtower in particular rocked out, along with
Highway 61 and Not fade away. The audience loved everything at least up
front where we were and people sat down during the slower songs by the
end, otherwise it was on your feet the whole time. I think Sexton played 6
or 7 different guitars during the show.

1. hallelujah, acoustic
2. Mr. tambourine Man, acoustic
3. Masters of War, acoustic
4. Love minus zero (larry pedal steel)
5. Tangled up in Blue, acoustic, a great performance
6. Gates of Eden (no harp)
7. Country Pie, electric (killer solo from Sexton)
8. WATCHTOWER  electric (Larry played a lap steel guitar)
9. Simple twist of fate,  electric  (larry pedal steel)
10. Memphis Blues Again  electric
11. Make you feel my love  electric
12.Highway 61 revisited electric

1. Love sick
2. Like a Rolling Stone
3. Ain't me Babe (harp)
4. Not Fade Away, with moshing and crowd surfing, Dylan looked amused 5.
Blowin' in the wind, acoustic 6. Rainy Day Women 12, and 35 , more
moshing, crowd surfing, Sexton looked like he was having fun


Charlie Anderson


Review by Annie Eward

I will now just throw in a few comments about what happened in Casper.
First of all, we dedicated Dylan fans who live in Wyoming, to imagine that
we could see Dylan in Wyoming was beyond our stretch of the imagination. I
am still stunned by the fact he did show up in Wyoming. The concert in
Casper was awesome. The majority of Americans view Wyoming in as unreal
terms as Wyomingites thought about the reality of Dylan playing IN
Wyoming. The Casper Events center rocked and rolled and the audience loved
every moment. Dylan is a given in the wider world and the US - Dylan in
Wyoming was magnificent. I hope it challenges everyone to re-think
Wyoming. And I think it was also amazing that Bobby D. had, as an opening,
band - Indigenous. The times they are a changing for Indian country - and
it is about time. Awesome concert, awesome Bobby D., awesome Indigenous.
The times they are a changin in Wyoming.

Annie Eward
Sheridan Wyoming


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