Seoul, South Korea

Olympic Gymnastics Arena

March 31, 2010

[Emily Ferguson]

Review by Emily Ferguson

We were running through the doors of the stadium in Seoul as we heard 
the band opening with Rainy Day Women:  Epic.  I spent the entirety of 
the song dancing in the aisle, not wanting to interrupt the moment for 
anyone, particularly me.

The band rocked.  Bob was working the crowd from the end of his 
keyboard, and I tried my best to sing along.  I couldn’t stop smiling 
during “I’ll be your baby tonight”.   Bob and I may have shared a moment 
singing together, or at least we did in my stadium.  I loved every second, 
apart from the moment I was told to shut up by a nearby spectator. 

Startling, yes, but the majority of the crowd seemed to agree with him 
for the first half of the show.  The stadium was surprisingly quiet for a 
larger venue.  People seemed less inclined to partake, more to watch, 
attentively and silently.

Not wanting to lesson anyone else’s experience, I kept my singing voice 
checked at the same rock-show-appropriate volume it had been at since 
the beginning of the show.  

In some way, I understand our quiet but not speechless friend.  This show 
was exceptional in Korea. The scene here doesn’t tend to attract the 
international artists that frequent Japan, but that’s also why Dylan’s show 
was so amazing for me.  They rocked=I rocked.


Just Like a Woman: guitar and harp. yes.

Desolation Row was amazing.  My head was swirling back and forth between 
trying to figure out where Bob was in the lyrics and rocking along with the 

By the time Highway 61 came along I was riding high along with everyone 
else in the crowd.  It was impossible not to be moving during that song. 
Climax of the set.

Thunder on the Mountain:  Pretty sure I was head bobbin’ out of necessity.

Ballad of a Thin Man: especially appropriate ending to an epic set.  

In between the end of the set and the first encore, the entire house got 
on its feet.  Everyone wanted more.  As for shutting up, I’m not sure what 
happened to our dear Mr. Jones, but I hope he allowed himself a lyric or two. 
A chorus was definitely heard during “Like a Rolling Stone”.  The second 
encore was a surprise.  Somehow the stadium felt more intimate.  Everyone 
was up and singing at the same time. Everyone, except for Bob.  



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