Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 03/30/98


Miami Beach, Florida

March 31, 1998

Cameo Theater

Review provided by Carsten Wohlfeld

At 8.15 am on tuesday morning it was time to join Carla for breakfast in  
front of the Cameo Theater in the 82 degree heat. Soon after, other people  
started lining up for a show that could never be as good as the one the  
night before. Well, for me anyways. Thanks to Randy and his crew, the  
queue was much more organized tonight (Richard pointed that already out in  
his review) and Willie, the security guy who probably just thought that we  
were a bunch of fucking hippies on the first day helped us getting in  
first as well. Thanks! Getting in, that was exactly 12 hours after we  
first had started lining up. The quote of the day came from this guy  
walking by who had the guts to ask us, if this was a show by an Dylan  
impersonator, since "Dylan doesn't play small places like this". Randy in  
returned asked the guy if he really thought we'd line up for 12 hours to  
see anything apart from the real McCoy, I guess that answered the  
strangers question. Some last tickets were sold at the box office  
(actually leftovers from monday's show) and the hours went by very  
quickly. I'll spare you the details now and get right down to the point:  
The doors opened at around 8.10 again, but tonight Dylan took the stage 15  
mins earlier, at 9.15. The cuesheet had "River Flow", "Sweet Marie" and  
"Maggie's Farm" for the number one slot, but Bob opened with...

        To Be Alone With You

...yet again and a much better version that last night's it was! I guess  
that one extra run-threw was what they really needed


Not very surprising to hear this actually, but I always love it to death  
anyways. One of the best renditions I've heard in recent times too, with  
Bob stressing the last word of every line - beautiful! "If You See Her"  
and "Tonight I'll Be Staying..." were listed as alternates on the  

        Can't Wait

Sounded different than last night and not as energetic, even though the  
way Bob spat out the "oh honey!" line alone was worth the admission price.

        You're A Big Girl Now

"I Don't Believe In You" and "4th Street" went unplayed, as Bob's great  
singing made with song one of the night's highlights, even though if it  
isn't one of my favourite Dylan tunes. Agan, Bob was in a perfect mood,  
smiling, laughing, pulling faces more than usual.


Still there, despite the fact that the cuesheet tonight actually said  
"Bound"/"Silvio". So just maybe they will get rid of "Silvio" in South  
America. Better version than monday night that was graced by a very fine  
ending solo courtesy of Larry, whose playing was just great both nights.

        Cocaine (acoustic)

Actually I had hoped to hear this, since I never had heard it live before  
but always liked the tapes, but I was pretty disappointed. A flat version  
and solos that went nowhere probably made this song the lowpoint of the  
whole show. "White Dove" was listed as an unplayed substitute.

        One Too Many Mornings (acoustic)

As somebody else pointed out a few days ago, there is no such thing as a  
bad "One Too Many..." but this version wasn't very hot either. Got better  
closer to the end, when Bob's great communication with some (female)  
members of the crowd let to some nice soloing.

        Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

It was during this song that I noticed how bad both Tony and Bucky looked,  
especially compared to Bob, who looks better than in a long, long time. I  
don't know if the two do too many drugs or if the constant touring just  
takes its toll, but at one point I really thought Tony was about to pass  
out and Bucky sat behind his pedal steel stone faced all night, looking  
like a zombie. Sorry, that's just what he looked like to me.
Anyways, another playful version of this old warhorse with some nice Bob  

        Million Miles

Larry played a new (?) guitar tonight, at least one that I never saw him  
play before. I wish I was more of a expert, but from where I stood it  
looked like a Gibson, a red one to match his coat. This is a song that  
still doesn't do much for me, but it was a pretty solid performance  


"Never Gonna Be The Same Again", "Mr Jones" and "Blind Willie McTell" were  
on the cuesheet for this slot, but Randy and his crew wanted to hear  
"Jokerman" (which was done at the soundcheck earlier in the day) pretty  
badly so we all yelled for it and we got it, despite the fact that it  
wasn't on the cuesheet at all. Bob rushed through it and didn't pay much  
attention to it and as a result and didn't make too many people happy, I'm  
afraid - besides Randy :-)

        Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

Yet anoter solid performance, that was pretty standard except for the  
extended Bob solo at the end, that made Larry smile big time. Even after  
Bob had turned around to David to give him the sign to stop he continued  
his "Mr Fingers" solo.


        'Til I Fell In Love With You

As I pointed out in my review of monday's show, this one either works out  
or it doesn't. This version was pretty flat and neraly as inspired at the  
one from the night before. It was either after this one or after "It Ain't  
Me Babe" that Bob introduced the band quickly.

        It Ain't Me Babe (acoustic)

Same song as the night before obviously, but performed very differently.  
Had a completely different ending for example. Interesting, but not really  

        Love Sick

Probably the highlight of the show! Powerful! Heartfelt! Just  
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Funnily enough I think I understand "TOOM" better now that  
I've heard it in Miami, where it was recorded. I walked down cold and dark  
streets while listening to this song over here in Germany, but it never  
worked. Walking down Ocean Drive just with shorts and a T-Shirt and 82  
degrees in the sun, the whole "I'm walking through streets that are dead"  
made so much more sense. A very interesting experience.

        Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35

Oh yeah. Would've liked to hear "Highlands" instead.

So we came to the end of another very strong 90 minute show, that liked  
the surprise songs of the first night, but was almost as strong as far as  
the performances were concerned. Needless to say, I'd like to get ahold of  
a tape as well. If you have one, please get in touch. Once again thanks to  
everybody involved for making this trip such a memorable expierence and  
thanks for reading this review. Looks like there will be nine more of this  
funny little things in June. See y'all in Leipzig, kids!

carsten wohlfeld
"i'm caught in a trap and i can't back out cause i love you so much, baby!"
(elvis presley)

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