Rome, Italy

Auditorium Parco della Musica

April 5, 2018

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

And the Early Roman Kings!

I bump into Barron going to Plaza del Popolo.
As it is raining we don't stop for a chat! Ah!ah!
I was almost planing to go to the Vatican but I was afraid to bump into
the Pope! Seriously,  I feared the crowd. So I found out the Leonardo Da
Vinci Museo. Recently I've been interesting in his life and I just read a
biography,  so I figure out it is a 'simple twist of fate' that I just
passed by. I spend few hours with his drawings, paintings
(reproductions)and machines. Though they were never constructed during his
life time most of them were perfectly designed to function and a lot are
the source of modern inventions. He was also skilled in anatomy. He was a
GENIUS. Back to the Hostel for a rest. Bus 910 to the Parco de  la
musica. I seat with few Bobcats. Conversation equal zero. I put my sign
out. All those BOBCATS! Grrrrr! They had a meeting, here, in Roma. I am
not desperate as my day had been good and I saw 1 show here  already. But
My Good Star is back. At 9 p.m. sharp , at the time Stu takes the stage, a
couple approaches me. -Yes, we have an extra ticket. -I give you 20.
Though my Italian is limited I understand the girl wants 40. I say 30.
They agree. We literally run inside.   -	 Bob is on!   I shout. We run,
run, run to the top Galleria. I decide to stand on the rail. Bob is
finishing "Things have changed" I take my breath back (I'm not young
anymore ). And I dance and I sing, and I Rock and I Roll. I must be the
only one. The parter is politely listening. The security had been
enforced, no more rush to the stage! Bob is inspired on "Tangled up in
blue" "Desolation row " is a must. Georgie got applause on "Thunder". A
long concertation between Bob, Tony, Charlie and Donnie....then the first
notes of "Full moon and empty arms" I clapp, clapp, clapp. Few folks join
me (they probably don't know why). Thank you Bobby. My empty arms will be
filled with you! "Pay in blood" was angry. "" "Long and wasted years"
was center stage. Bobby heard me. Ah!ah! My best show on that Tour. I
am literally exploding on the balcony. The Audiance is.....quiet. They
don't know what they've got, because it WAS a GREAT show. I go down to say
hi to Chris and Jason. I move to the bus stop number 910. I want to keep
my good feelings for me. No one can share my Happiness! Who knows my
world? Good night Bobby! See you in Firenze.


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