Moncton, New Brunswick

April 5, 1997

Moncton Coliseum

[Wayne Frances], [CS Arsenault]

Review by Wayne Frances

Great show! It started a half hour late at 8:30. The local news reported 
that sound equipment was brought in from Montreal. The sound check was still 
going on when doors were to open at 7 PM, therefore the delay.

Bob was engaged from the very beginning. His singing was clear and his 
phrasing was at times playful. The place was sold out and the crowd was very 
much into it and Bob and the band seemed to feed off of that.

Most of those on the floor moved up to the stage as God Knows began and the 
intensity increased over the final 6 songs. Several young girls got on stage 
at various times, one to hug Bob (he obliged) and another to show him a 
scrap of paper (a request, no doubt - or a room #, who knows).

Bob seemed very animated facially (by his standards, at least) and seemed to 
be very much enjoying himself. Garnier and Campbell flashed a lot of smiles 

Highlights, for me, were Watchtower, Don't Think Twice, Highway 61 and She 
Belongs To Me.


Review by CS Arsenault

I went to see Bob Dylan in concert in Moncton.While I was waiting for the
show to begin, the sound system played the music from Van Morrison's The
Healing Game.Then of course, the voice came over the speaker:Ladies and
Gentlemen, Columbia Recording Artist:Bob Dylan.He appeared out of nowhere,
the light shone on his black leather coat.He announced that Desolation Row
was Allen Ginsberg's favorite before he played it for us.A man besides me
kept yelling:Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, at various times.When everyone rushed to
the stage, so did I, blowing him kisses and mimicking playing the guitar,
and singing with him.He looked at me and played his guitar for me.He made
me feel like I was the only person there.Two or three girls got up on the
stage and hugged him.I just looked at them in jealous amusement.When he
slowly got down the steps of the stage, I kept hollering at him:I Love You
Bob.I still do, love him that is.


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