Salzburg, Austria


April 13, 2018

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Arriving late. Those trains?!
I take the bus 25 as my Couchsurfing host adviced me.
Stoping at Anif zoo.
This time my good friend is a dog, huge but sweet;a labrador.
Kuffy,† Buffy, Goofy?? Don't remember the name. I call him Doggy!
Tamara is a little bit of a depressed woman. Not in my Bob Dylan world but
one of her own. Vegan, even for Doggy!?! We don't eat much, opposite of
Rufolf. My stomach is luckily strong. We take Doggy for a walk and Tamara
has a bad tendency of believing that dog is human! Well! I saw people
asking their Iphones some questions, so, the world is going wrong! I am
over tired and the dark side of Couchsurfing is, even though you are not
supposed to give money, you have to give some of your time and privacy.
This is 'paying' a highly price at times. For that reason I cancelled my
couchsurfing in Brno and booked a ....youth hostel in a dorm of 4,
expecting no bad company. I promised Tamara a concert ticket for tonight
show in Salzburg. After all she's a kind Lady. I couldn't imagine the
trouble I put myself in! We arrive at the venue, a sport arena, not too
bad for extra tickets but...the area is literally littered with scalpers.
Oh me oh my! It took all my good spirit, my humility, my sarcastic sense
of bad humour to finally pay 10 euros for a parterre seat, and right on
time. We run inside, as me, I have a ticket from my good friend Bjorn. I
take my seat with discipline. What a surprise! Bobby walks in... a hat on
his head. A large black hat, a black shirt, a black suit embroidered with
white seams. Oh Mama! Will this be the end?. The sound is incredibly clear
and loud. Bobby's voice is back from Neu Ulm. When I wait for him to move
center stage and start "Once upon a time" or "Full moon and empty arms" he
takes a long time talking with Donny. As Tony didn't get the message he
moves quickly to Bob. Bob stays on the piano, adjusts the mike and starts
"Come rain or come shine". It is not the first time I hear this one but it
brings tears to my eyes. Extremely sensible. He is singing this song with
a lot of emotions, the emotions he is now losing on the "classic" ones.
The rest is pure Jewel. Each one of them. Now the break and I check the
movement of the crowd. Stage rush or not. I follow 2 or 3 folks and I am
10 meters from the stage for BITW. I watch Barron on the right taking
measure against the photographs but no more. So for Ballad, there is a
rush to the stage. I am RIGHT in front of My Bobby.  I sing along,
breathing when he is breathing, seeming out of normal rythm. But I know,
this is Bob Dylan style. Then the bow.....the goodbye. the MAGIC is over.
Back to the normality of a world I donít understand. I fetch ticket
stubs for my good friend in Italy. Greet the boys at the boards , sound
and lights. And meeting Tamara is difficult for she is not a Dylan fan.
She knows only BITW. The return home is hard. I review in my head the last
10 minutes of that show. Again, again and again I see the pale ghost face
looking at .... emptiness. I hope you are fine my Dear. Wishing you all
the best. So long Bobby! A day of rest and see you soon in another
country, another time, another World! And it had been a fabulous Friday


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