Savannah, Georgia

Civic Center
The Johnny Mercer Theatre

April 14, 2015

[Jeff Bridges]

Review by Jeff Bridges

It was several years between shows for me. Bob's trips to Georgia have
become scarcer than they were in the early-mid 2000s. My first opportunity
to see him at the grand piano. The visuals were fantastic.. Lighting
effects were very dramatic with the shadows of the curtains et al. I
noticed he keeps the band almost hidden in the shadows. during the show
and for the bows at the end. His Chaplinesque movements always delight.
After Love Sick Bob said.."Thank you.we're leaving the stage for little
while (and very quickly added) we'll be back".

The second set was amazing. Bob rolled up his sleeves and delivered the
goods. The band no longer needs cajoling from him.. They know what he
wants. The melding of notes between the piano and guitar. or piano and
pedal steel produces a quite unique sound. Mesmerizing. I know one thing..
I won't wait as long to catch him again..  

Jeff Bridges


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