Buenos Aires, Argentina

Teatro Gran Rex

April 26, 2012

[Alberto Callero]

Review by Alberto Callero

"Hey Hey My My / Rock And Roll will never die" said Neil Young in 1978. And 
that is what we saw in Buenos Aires at the first of the four concerts at the 
Gran Rex Theater.First of all I have to say that the theater is in a classical part
of the city, full of history.It is really an extraordinary event to see Bob Dylan
at this place. The crowd of 3.500 watched one of the best concerts ever of 
Zimmy in Argentina.And what a strange concert was !!!.I' ve noticed that in 
Brazil he played a lot of guitar and sung with harp in hand like a real authentic 
crooner, but today there was a man playing and having fun with a Korg organ, 
and getting bored in one moment, too !!!."Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat" was the 
introduction of an exhibition of roots music.It's increible to see Bob in real very
good shape.His voice sounded very clear, It seems like he's better now at 70 
than the last time he visited our Country in 2008.I think the band rocks better
and better with Charlie Sexton on guitar, while the rest is performing with 
authority on every song night after night.Seventeen songs were played on 
the first show...What more can I say?..."Like A Rolling Stone" is like water for 
Bob.He can't live without playin' it.I think that on the second concert on 
tomorrow Friday we'll see him more with guitar."It Ain't Me, Babe" and 
"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" were the only two in set list today. I have to say 
too that I'm very happy to see "real" persons on stage.Rock at 21st Century
sounds like a bad joke for me, but with Dylan and his band sacred fire is alive.
Highlights of this wonderful night were an amazing killer version of "High Water" 
and "Levee's Gonna Break".The concert enden with people in an ovation to 
this magician guy who lives for music, feels the music, teach us music.What 
we'll see tomorrow at the second evening at Corrientes Avenue? John 
Lennon said on the "Revolver" Album, "Tomorrow never knows".In Bob Dylan,
all is possible.Thamks fot another magic moment. Bob...
"My My Hey Hey / Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay".


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