Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Pavillon Multiusos Fontes do Sar

April 29, 2019

[Mark and Chris Rose], [Laurette Maillet], [Masaki Minonishi], [Les E]

Review by Mark and Chris Rose

My wife and I got home late last night from Bilbao and were
somewhat surprised to see that no reviews had yet been posted
for what was truly an amazing show, so here goes. We had been
wanting to make it to Santiago de Compostela for many years but
just hadn’t got round to it, but when we learnt that Bob was
playing, no excuses! What better way to make a pilgrimage. We
managed to get 8th row seats facing Bob so the vibe was
cheerfully intimate. Two rows in front were a Japanese couple
both wearing red and white polka dot shirts and ‘san’ was
wildly enthusiastic, bobbing about (forgive the pun) during the
songs then standing ,arms outstretched to applaud. It was truly
heart warming. And the performance, well, as good as anything
I’ve been lucky to experience in the past 40 years. As you know
the set list was unchanged from the one we’d heard in Bilbao 3
nights previously but just great to hear again. Slow ballads
interspersed with upbeat numbers. Dignity is always a treat
only, in my view, surpassed by the slow part chorus of Rolling
Stone. Bob was in fine voice and the renderings of Don’t Think
Twice and Blowing in the Wind truly magnificent. The piano solo
in the former was both delicate and formidable and as for the
harp solos, to close your eyes and sink into them was a sublime

As for the Band, it was as if, after so many tours, not only
were they a part of Bob, but he was a part of them. Subtle,
discreet, but right on target. Charlie seemed to be playing
both rhythm and lead at the same time (can’t wait to see the
Towns V Z biopic) and George gave us a great ,if too short,
drum solo at the close of Thunder.
On top of all that, a wonderful moment came after the end of
Serve Somebody when Bob before leaving the stage as the spot
light dimmed put both his hands to his mouth and blew the
audience a kiss. So quick you weren’t sure what you’d seen
until at the final end when the Train had gone, it happened

It sure Takes a Lot to Laugh and we left the venue truly
uplifted which is as much as anyone could wish for at the
end of a pilgrimage.  Thank you Bob-again.


Review by Laurette Maillet

Santiago de Compostela 28th of April.Arriving in the early afternoon I
take a walk to the Cathedrals.The streets are packed with people. They
look more regular tourists than pilgrims to me.I am not over impressed by
the atmosphere; tourists are eating and drinking in the restaurants near
by, like anywhere else.By 5.30 pm I have a chat with I. in a bodega then
meet my CS host Lu living near by.I take a quick shower and walk all the
way to the venue.It is 7.15pm by now.Folks are already entering the
venue.I negociate a ticket and find myself on the floor. But I don't want
to take my seat in between people I don't know.At first I am on the left
side on the stage, on the aisle, with I. but we find out that the sound is
ot good so I. will go to the balcony and I find a seat empty on the
aisle, on the right side closer to the stage.I can see Bob alright on the
piano.The sound is not much better though, kind of muffled  like in a
cave.Bob is wearing a white long jacket.He sounds as good a
 s usual.The capacity is about 4000 to 5000 but some seats are still
 empty.The audiance is polite as for all the Spanish shows.I am having a
 good time, singing along and stamping my feet.I like the second part of
 the show better after "trying to get to heaven" which I find a little
 boring after "honest with you ".The second half is more energic.Public
 reacts on LARS ,clapping along.Bob leaves the stage after " serve
 somebody" which seems to surprise the Band. Tony will follow then the
 rest of them.It takes a while before they come back again for BITW.I
 thought they would never come back!There is absolutely no stage rush.Even
 folks are leaving the venue all together!I stand up for the final " it
 takes a lot to laugh...."Finaly the audiance stands up for the final
 pose, salute and bow.I don't see much photo being taken. On my side the
 security is vigilant. We can't even open a cellphone.I will have a ride
 back home.Lu is not sleeping. We share some words and we say good
 night.Tomorrow is another day....See you all in Porto.Buenas noches


Review by Masaki Minonishi

Stage was set the lights went out, all around the “Pavillón Multiusos
Fontes do Sar”, but no, it didn’t quite go out since it’s a
gymnasium with natural lights, and this is Spain where the sun is still up
at 21:00. Bob and the band came out, and the show started, but maybe
because of the lights they seem slightly less concentrated than usual, or
is it just me? The show picked up as the house got darker, and in the end
it was a great show as usual.

Personal highlights include,
Dignity - First time I heard this masterpiece live. Word perfect with the
line “Dignity never been photographed” Scarlet town - Love the effect
he uses on his vocals which adds spookiness to the song. Like a rolling
stone - First time I heard this new arrangement live, and I really love
it. Lovesick - the fastest and the lightest arrangement I heard of this
song. Again Bob uses vocal effects which is really cool. Since when did he
start singing “You were searching my pocket while I was sleeping”
instead of “You destroyed me with a smile While I was sleeping”?
Thunder on the mountain - Bob’s barking vocals, picking up with every
verse, and George’s drums. Perfect as always. Gotta serve somebody -
Almost like Thunder on the mountain part 2. I’ m not sure if like this
arrangement or not yet. Bob throwing in some funny new lyrics like “You
may be Hallucinating or you may seen a ghost”. It takes a lot to laugh -
Not quite sure when I heard this one last time, but it was great.


Review by Les E

“Why we… Bob ?”
Doc “A” was restles when he picked me up at 6:00 PM at the AP9 Rande
gas station near from Vigo, PO. In the van, “Twin A” & “TS”
greeted me smiling with that kind of premonitory feeling that something
big was going to happen. Bob was near, it was on the air & we could feel
it. After an hour driving north - and a half more lost in roundabouts - we
reached the banks of Sar, as Rosalía DC* could have said. The
“Multiuses” was the place and a “Multi” emotions was our feeling
too. Dylan was here in the same arena 20 ten years ago. Same place, maybe
but same person ? ... him, us ? who knows, 20 years, “Things have
changed” but we´re still here !!! We´re lucky... “Why we Bob ?”
Outside in the hot distance three wild satans growl, our friends. Now we
are seven deadly sinners that after a couple of beers and some pistacchios
we are ready to enter the sanctuary. At the end of an endless staircase
was not the sky but only “the black couple” who spoke to us softly &
gave us a decoder paper, the set list !!! After a quick look, everybody
was agree, perfect mix for summarize over 50 years of songwriting & dusty
roads. This man not only gave name to all the animals, he knows exactly
what he does. Oh Yeah ! Suddenly the lights went out and the music flooded
everything. Like a shinning, Bob is on the stage lookling powerful, clear
voice & great mood. No pictures & no words could can describe it. We could
try it, but it´s imposible & You know why. Or not ? What could we say to
the one who´ll be waiting for a detailed review? If you´re a fan, we´re
sure you don´t need anymore explanations, you´ll understand if we say
that 29th was a lucky day. Bob was “on” his own spirit. But if you
don´t know what are we talking about, why spend yours & our precious time
tryin´to convince you. No man you don´t need it, we either. So, who
chose us to be there ? ... “Why we Bob” ? 20 unforgettable songs, more
than 10 of them, eternal classics plus a lot of questions in the air & no
answers in our hands. Bob in his own essence. I´m sure, that´s one of
the reasons we why we were there. It could happen & it was. No way to
explain it, no reason to ge excited if you lost it, that´s your bizznes.
29th was our lucky day for sure. It was more than 25 years ago we saw
Dylan for the 1st time in AC, 1993. Being this one the 6th time (around),
we´ll share the 1st & private only conclusion: The best of them all ! No
doubt about it. Believe it or not. Luck, chance or fate? Who knows. And
one more time the same question again & again, “Why we ... Bob ?” A
Madriña Bless You All (Forever in Bob´s mood)

TH (Les E) from Vigo, PO
* Rosalía DC (De Castro) “ A las orillas del Sar” (Recomended


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