St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine Amphitheatre

May 5, 2013

[Oscar Montes], [Ron Scissors]

Review by Oscar Montes

The fact that I attended this show comes from an incredible
story I haven’t told everybody. My girlfriend Johanna and I had been
planning since last December to celebrate 3 years together in Orlando, FL
from May 5th to 12th. So I had decided not to see Bob until the second
half of the year, let's say from August to November in the USA!

But suddenly last Friday March 8th I found out that Bob would play St.
Augustine, FL on May 5th! The same day I was supposed to arrive to
Orlando! Just 1 hour and a half away! This was crazy! So, I decided to do
this date, of course respecting the main reason of my girlfriend and I
trip! So, this St. Augustine show was an unexpected gift! Best bonus ever
for a trip!

We left from Orlando at about 4:00 pm waiting to make it to
St Augustine in two hours which we finally did. Great to see many fans and
followers just like Jay, Joachim Stewart, Vera Chen, Laurette Maillet,
Stefano Moroni, Randy Mason and Ben Taylor.

Through social networks, Laurette Maillet from France, Joachim
Stewart from Germany, Stefano Moroni from Italy and me have been planning
to see each other in this venue really soon! It finally happened when some
minutes before the show the four of us went to the lawn section and ask
someone to take a picture of us, 4 foreigners and 4 different languages
all together for the same reason.

Bob started with a nice “Things have changed”; this Duke is
doing really well! “Love Sick” was also well delivered, people really
excited with Dylan playing harp for the first time tonight. “High Water”
was performed so much better than last times, Bob was beginning to be on
fire. Then 2 good songs from “Tempest”, “Soon after midnight” and “Early
roman kings” both of them well received by the enthusiastic audience.

TUIB with a new Duke arrangement at the beginning was
excellent, people screaming all over the Amphitheater, another song from
the new album was “Pay in blood”, let me tell you once again, this Duke
was doing pretty good. A beautiful “Visions of Johanna” was next, I told
my girlfriend this was dedicated for her. “Spirit” was OK, not the best
version we’ve ever heard.

“Beyond here lies nothin’” was the best song of the night at
that point with Bob playing harp beautifully but when “Willie McTell” was
performed nothing could beat it! Doubtless the highlight of the night!
Jesus, what a way to play the harp and master the stage Bob!

“What good Am I?” was the following tune, a really good one.
“Thunder on the mountain” made everybody dance rock n’ roll! One more song
from “Tempest” was “Scarlet town”, the crowd just loved it! Another
highlight was “Watchtower”! Wow, amazing new arrangements! People were
getting crazy at this point of the concert.

The band left the stage and returned for the encore “Thin
man”, no echoes anymore and I felt it less sad then last Fall tour. Bobby
said good bye and just for one second we really believe we would have
another encore but that did not happen!

When you think Bob is not so on fire anymore he gives a
sensational performance like tonight’s! Don’t you dare miss his show!

Specially thanks to my friend Oliver Jimenez who lives in
Orlando for driving us to St Augustine! He said he really enjoyed the

See you soon somewhere around the world.

Oscar Montes


Review by Ron Scissors

I went to the Dylan show last night in St. Augustine at the quaint and 
comfortable St. Augustine Ampitheatre.  I had a pit ticket and found 
myself 20 yards away from center stage with an unobstucted view.  
Dylan fans are notoriously short, I suppose.  Assuming that most of the 
readers that would bother with reading this review are "hard-core" Dylan 
fans, searching for a "hard-core" Dylan fan review, the show was very 
good to a "hard-core" fan.  Dylan sang in clear voice and was engaged.  
"Hard core" fans will understand me when I say that casual fans would've 
enjoyed the show too. 

And so, that's my review.  Mr. Dylan is doing very well and all fans
should schedule an appointment if their locale and finances permit.    I
remember kind faces, kind demeanors, fine people at the event.  I remember
the same thing at the previous 8 or 9 shows I've seen.  This music invites
a kind mind.    After leaving during the encore (the encore for me was
Scarlet Town - played two songs before Ballad of a Thin Man), I caught the
first cab leaving the venue and climbed inside.  The audience and ambiance
were infectious.  A nice person by nature, I found myself more
benevolent.  In the ride with the cab driver and in all sorts of
engagements thereafter, I saw the frailty and beauty of life a bit
clearer.  I saw the struggle in the sad smiles of others, I felt the
complexities that torment many of mind, and so I reached out my hand a bit
further.    A friend of mine texted me to ask about the show.  It went
like so:   ...   Friend - how was the show?   Me - good.   Friend - good,
that's it?    Me - it was very good.  I was 20 yards away from Dylan with
an unobstructed view.  He sang clear, music was great.  Played Blind
Willie McTell.  Scarlet Town was awesome.   Friend - that's good.  It's
too bad you didn't get to meet him.   (my friend stated that like it's a
normal thing for one to meet the artist at a concert - like it was 'bad
luck' that I wasn't presented with this opportunity)   Me - I met him for
the eighth or ninth time tonight!    ...   And the fact is, I don't care
to meet Mr. Dylan.  He only wants to sing.  And, I only want to listen. 
In that way, I've already met him millions of times.  "Hard core" fans -
he sings from our soul, truer than anyone else.  And right now, he's doing
that live and in-concert, with renewed passion.    'Hey Yo Bobby!'  

Ron Scissors


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