Monterrey, Mexico

Auditorio Banamex

May 7, 2012

[Oscar Montes]

Review by Oscar Montes

Bob returns to Mexico after 4 years. Great show in Monterrey! So good to meet 
Liiz Dylan from this city and see again Federica from Italy and Lurrette from 
France before the show.

Dylan appeared on stage! I really couldn't believe he was there, in my country! 
Leopard-Skin started a little weak in my opinion. But things got much better with 
Man in the Long Black Coat with Bob on guitar, beautifully played! Another good 
one was Things have changed playing harp. TUIB from Blood of the tracks also 
well received by the audience.

Then it came the time for the first highlight of the night, Cry a while, I couldn't 
believe my ears and my eyes! Bob enjoying a lot and smiling at his band every 
time he could! The bluesy and rock n' roll new arrangements made it so 
enjoyable for the people at the Auditorio Banamex.

Spirit on the water cooled down things a little bit but then came another 
highlight, Summer days, one of the best performances I've ever seen! Wow! 
Everybody was dancing and shouting with the new arrangements! Desolation 
row another favorite of the people was really nice.

High water was good but there had better ones. Simple Twist was so beautiful, 
so sensitive as usual; I would say one of the best performances of this tune Bob 
has ever given! Then Highway 61 revisited shaking the place as we are used to, 
so powerful!

Blind Willie McTell with Bob center stage with harp was excellent and people just 
loved it. Thunder on the mountain at the beginning a little bit slow but at the 
end was fantastic as usual. Ballad of a thin man always a masterpiece, just great!

Like a rolling stone made everyone go crazy! All the Auditorio Telmex singing this 
classic! Bob left the stage but returned quickly to introduce his band and played 
an incredible Watchtower! After this, Bob said good bye to the audience and 
even sent kisses to them! Never seen this in any Dylan show! Marvelous! In this 
right moment a guy from the audience jumped to the stage, surely to hug Bob 
but the security guys sent him to the floor (tackled him) and took him out! First 
time I see that!

Blowing in the wind was the second encore of the night! Also everybody was 
singing this one at the venue!  Well is now time to go to bed and get things
ready to fly to Guadalajara!

Oscar Montes


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