Guadalajara, Mexico

Auditorio Telmex

May 9, 2012

[Oscar Montes]

Review by Oscar Montes

The Auditorio Telmex is really nice, so happy to return to this place after four years. 
Once again good to see Federica and Laurette before the show. Also great to 
meet Sara Lucero from Ensenada, Baja California inside the forum.

The show in Monterrey was really good but this one was so much better, Bob Dylan 
and his band more connected with the audience. People in the auditorio so much 
more enthusiastic and the musicians felt it and in return we got a tremendous show.

Bob smiling at his band and Charlie so many times during the show.

Leopard-Skin was the first song of the night, better than last night. Baby blue so 
good, people happy at the auditorio, this was the only song where Bob played guitar. 
Things have change with harp was also strong.

Tangled beautifully played and then Cry a while, so great! Bob was moving himself
like a marionette on the stage on this one and the audience went crazy with his solo 
on the harmonica. Dylan played Hard Rain in Guadalajara, just like four years ago and
it was a really good performance.

A really rocking Levee's gonna break was next, this was one of the times where 
Bob and Charlie smiled at each other. Tryin' to get to heaven so sweet and nice. 
High water is being played unconnectedly on this part of the tour from my point of

The highlight of night for me was Forgetful heart, it was like a ceremony when we 
start listening to Donnie on violin. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Highway 61 revisited so powerful as always, lots of energy on this one. A favorite to 
the people. Then a nice surprise, Love sick, and was truly recognized for a lot of fans!

Thunder on the mountain as good as last show, especially at the end. People dancing 
on their seats and once again Bob and Charlie smiling at each other. Mr. Jones was the 
following number, always so nice to listen to.

Like a rolling stone was performed with all the people standing, singing, jumping,
cheering! Just wonderful! No encore this time, Dylan finished the concert with a really 
solid Watchtower! In spite of the outstanding audience there were not more songs! 
But for sure an excellent concert!

And the end of the show Laurette and I shared the taxi bill on our way back to our
respective hotels! Now I'll have a few hours of sleep since I have to take my plane 
back to Mexico City at 7:30 AM

Oscar Montes


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