Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 05/13/98


Vancouver, British Columbia

May 13, 1998

The Rage

Thanks to Baja for the following review: 

The doors opened at 8 p.m. There is a small stage with a dance floor that
could hold about 500 people and tables all around.  There is a small
balcony that appeared to offer a good view.  Ron Sexsmith opened the show,
solo acoustic.  There was a great deal of anticipation in the air.  Most
people there who have not dedicated their lives to Bob pursuits did not
quite know what to expect.  "Ladies and gentleman..." and the fun began. 
Bob comes out in his formal blue suit looking well rested and happy to be
back onstage. He opened with Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away.  A great opener. 
A song everybody knew.  The joint was hopping (in more ways than one - you
must remember that this is British Columbia).  Next up Tonight I'll be
staying here with you - a classic version like we have heard before but so
perfect - this song has really grown on me. Song 2 is the ideal spot for
it.   The acoustics in this small bar/club were outstanding.  I have never
heard a Dylan show sound so good.  As expected Cold Irons Bound came up
next followed by Make You Feel My Love which was performed with real
tenderness.  Bob loves to play his new songs.  By the way the usual mugging
and hamming it up continues.  He was smiling and doing the Dylan waddle all
night long.  He had great energy.  Also Bob spoke more than I have heard in
years.  Not only did he say "thanks everybody" several times, he said it
one point to the audience "you're much too kind".  What next Bob
introducing his songs? No but later on in the set he did what I believe is
a Gordon Lightfoot song I'm Not Suppose to Care" (please help me with this
one anyone out there who recognized the song) and said after the song "a
friend of mine wrote that". In the fifth spot was Silvio, this also got the
crowd really excited.  A wonderful acoustic set followed - Stone Walls,
Baby Blue, and as we come to expect Tangled Up In Blue.  The crowd reaction
for this one was the probably the loudest.  Alot of people were singing
along.  I'm really glad the guy standing behind me didn't know the lyrics
to the other songs.  Back to the electric guitars for Million Miles, I'm
Not Suppose to Care, and Highway 61.  As usual Bob and the boys really
rocked this one.  Next the encores.  I was surprised how hard the audience
had to work to get him back on stage.  4 separate encores - Till I Fell In
Love with You, It Ain't Me Babe, Love Sick and, of course, Rainy Day Woman.
 Ah, I wish he would give us a few more of these club show as there are so
many songs that I would love to hear in this venue.  But do not feel sorry
for me as tomorrow night i'm back at the Van, Joni, Bob show GM Place, the
home of the pathetic Canucks and Grizzlies. 
Peace. Baja.

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