Oslo, Norway

May 19, 2000


Review provided by Johnny Borgan.

Things have changed - this time Bob had changed both suit and opener, an
energetic "Duncan & Brady" with the tongue-in-cheek-line "He's been in
this job too long" started another great show on Bobtour. "The Times They
Are A-Changin'" was treated nice, but the first highlight was the
following "It's alright, Ma" with one classical line following the other,
delivered with great timing and phrasing. Bob was obviously in a more
communicative mood tonight than in Stockholm, and the norwegian audience
gave him instant feedback for both vocal and guitar. His eyes and
shoulders started to work early, his left foot was tapping and living its
own life, and Bob got the beginning of a smile hidden in his mouth the
whole show through - it even got away sometimes!

He played beautiful versions of the twin songs "Love Minus Zero/No Limit"
and "She Belongs To Me", but the real killer in this set was "Cold Irons
Bound" - for me a totally new arrangement, with acapella and
start-stop-maneuvres which gave a real funky feel to the song. "Can't
Wait" was also served in the 2000-clothing, a beautiful rendition tonight,
along with "Love Sick", one of the highlights of all four shows I've seen
this time around.

The songs after intermission was the exactly same list as in Gothenburg,
but nevertheless a really strong encore-set, with an really great
audience-singing-along at "Forever Young" - Bob was seemingly impressed by
the massive help he got on the refrain, and he didn't try, for once, to
make the sing-along impossible. A nice moment. "Don't Think Twice" ended
with Bob on harp, once again without guitar and one hand waving free. I
was afraid he would skip the harmonica this night, but fortunately he gave
us that, too. All extras was played in one, and he played a beautiful
"Blowin' In The Wind" without leaving after "Rainy Day Women". We hoped
for more, but Bob was gone, and "Riding With Bob" was played, just like
both before and after all of the shows.

After the show, I got to talk to lots of people who saw Dylan for the
first time, and the verdict was overwhelming pro-Bob - he's in a class of
his own! And that's some of the greatness of this shows, both hard-core
fans and new listeners will both find greatest hits and obscurities, blues
and ballads, new and old stuff. Everybody loved the show, and I'm sure
that Bob still will be having a soft spot for the norwegian audience!

And now, the clock ticks against the show in Horsens.....


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