Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 05/21/98


May 21, 1998

Los Angeles, California
Pauley Pavilion

Thanks to Mitch Dorf for the following review:

It's 1:00am.  Just got back from the Dylan/Van Morrison/Joni Mitchell
show at Paully.  Went with Josh Steve and Mark.  Van's band came on at
7:20pm. Van joined them at 7:30 and played to about 8:40.  It seemed Van
threw his mike down at the end of his set and stormed out in a rage. 
They seemed to call him back but he was long gone.  Honestly he seemed a
little out of it.  When he sang it was great but when he tried to
comunicate with the audience he made NO sense.  Joni came out
around 9:10 and played for about 1:30.  Highlights were Paradise/Parking
lot (which included a verse by Bob done in a Dylanesque fashion) and a
solo encore of Woodstock.  Great set.  Sound was awsome except for the
piece of shit chorus she was using on her electric guitar that just
hummed incrdibly.  So,    Bob takes the stage at about 10:55. Here's
what follows:

   1.Absolutely Sweet Marie 
   2.The Man In Me 
   3.Cold Irons Bound 
   4.Just Like A Woman 
   6.Rank Strangers To Me (acoustic) 
   7.Masters Of War (acoustic) 
   8.Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) (with harp,  Bob had a little trouble
finding it in his pocket, and then started out very melodically until he
found his groove.  Great to see him play it again!!
   9.Make You Feel My Love 
  10.Highway 61 Revisited 

  11.Forever Young (acoustic) 
  12.Love Sick 
  13.Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 
  14.Restless Farewell (acoustic) 

Basically the same show as two nights ago at San Jose except for the
completlly unexpected "RESTLESS FAREWELL" dedicated to Frank Sinatra
AFTER Rainy Day Women.  Bob introduced it as "We worked up something
else, but decided to play this one instead and haven't really ever done
it so I hope it works" or something like that.  Anyway, it was a
MOMENT!!  I must say I was disappointed that Joni, although she was
great, was a little long seemed to compromise Bob's time on stage.  Fun
show.  Nothing like the El Rey's, but then what could be like a theater
show.  The triple bill thing seems great on paper.  In reality, I think
everyone is a bit compromised including the audience.  It would be
something if these three legends or a combination of them performed
together.  In fact expectations were extremely high when Joni Mitchell
said in her set, after doing the Bob Dylan impression,  she would be
joined later.  All in all a fun evening.  Wouldn't necessarily go back
three nights in a row at $90.00 a pop.  One more thing.  What's up with
L.A. and sitting down all night.  I was fortunate to be around people
that were willing to get up and have a litle fun.  Good luck tomorrow
every one.  I'm regretibaly on a plane to Milwaukee.



Thanks to Matt Gleason for the following review:

the may 21 review discussed L.A. fans sitting down during Bob's show.
With a combination of entitled yuppies whining "down in front" as they
sit hoping Bob will do a James Taylor cover they might recognize,
and the pauley pavillion security goons asking people to take their
seats every thirty seconds, even when you were walking to your seat, the
atmosphere was that of a police state. Maybe the basketball fans are so
rowdy that they have trained these people in gulag crowd control
techniques, but when Bob starts blowing his harmonica to Tangled Up In
Blue or Joni Mitchell sings "and we've got to get ourselves back to the
garden" or Van Morrison howls with a voice that doesn't need one ounce
of reverb or filtering to pierce your soul, and you stand up and scream
or dance, a part of the moment, and some pseudo-hipster starts squealing
like a baby for you to sit down and you see twelve jacketed goons trying
to stop five tie-dyed teen angels from swirling in the aisles, you just
wonder why the hell management would book Bob in such a fan-unfriendly
Despite this all, Bob was transcendent. Rosanne Barr was on her feet,
new strawberry blonde boyfriend in tow, and Jack Nicholson had no
problem with security, waltzing backstage after the encore, trademark
sunglasses, a red-rimmed pair, propped on his forehead. When the Stones
played Dodger Stadium in November, Mick Jagger joked to the crowd that
there were so many industry types backstage they almost turned the show
around and played to them. The whole floor seating was drenched in three
piece suit record company jerks and their silicon filled dates.
That's L.A., and, as Van Morrison sang in his tribute to Frank Sinatra,
That's Life.

Mat Gleason

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