Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Arena

June 6, 2010


Review by Bo

We were waiting for so long for Bob to come to South-Eastern Europe! An then, as
we learned "the best is always yet to come", Bob finally came in a style! Taking
an opportunity to consume just a perfect schedule, my friend and I, the biggest
local bobcats, decided to follow Bob on his tour from Belgrade to Padua. So
Belgrade was our first destination.

Four hours drive to the East to reach a very nice Arena venue in Belgrade. Must
admit, after a recent wars we have suffered 15 years ago here, still felt a
little bit uneasy going there. But things have definitely changed and moved into
positive direction and thinking - starting from the borderline and nice customs
officers, to nice people we met during the concert. Hi to everyone!

I was eager to hear new version of Rainy Day Women as an opener.  I kept my
fingers crossed to hear this one, mostly because of new arrangement having
incorporated Link Wray's Rumble riff on it. And we got it!  That was great,
fresh blood in this classic song! The song starts on its ordinary way, but then
more and more "rumble". And for the first time ever I saw Bob changing the
instruments during the song - in the middle of the song, just about starting
"rumble" part, Bob has switched from keyboard to guitar. Great fun!  

For the next two songs Bob was sticking on his guitar playing it during It Ain't
me, babe as well as during I'll be your baby tonight. It seems there were some
sound problems, so this part was the weakest part of the gig, imo. 

Masters of war followed. Strong rendition, new song suit again, of course. Was
that a message regarding recent wars we had here? Who knows? With Masters
concert has entered into its full speed. Stuck inside helped a lot, and after
Beyond here lies nothin' ( first performance in Europe ever? not sure) and
Honest with me, things went onto the place. Wonderful Workingman and powerful
Cold irons bond followed, just to prepare the real highlight of the evening:
Forgetful heart. Just brilliant! Worth to come to concert just because of this

Strong and powerful H61 was the next, and then another one gem - one of the
greatest song for me - Not dark yet. Excellent. Full stop.

Thunder on the mountain was nice, and Ballad of a thin man once again proved to
be an extraordinary and extremely powerful song. 

Like a rolling stone was accepted by the crowd as usual, and Jolene proved again
to be much better as live then original studio recording. Blowing for the end.
Great as usual. A message again? 

Driving back home after the concert we saw Bob's busses at the borderline! No
pictures are allowed on customs area however. Yet Serbian customs officer said
Bob was in a bus just ahead of our car ! Nice ending for the start.

Zagreb, Croatia


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