Zagreb, Croatia


June 7, 2010


Review by Bo

There are days in a life you remember for a lifetime. The day Bob came to Zagreb
for the first time is one of those days, that's for sure. Zagreb is not too big
town, it is not too rich definitely, but what is the most important Zagreb was
always a part of a western world, having its west world spirit. We felt like we
were a part of the western world even when we were apart of it. However we were
able, that is we were allowed, just to watch everything from the distance, but
not to be a part of it. Therefore we know (and we knew) everything about Bob,
but we were only "distant friends"! And that's why we were waiting for Bob to
come to Zagreb from the beginning of time, literally speaking. So he finally
came. Can't find words how to explain the meaning of his visit: it was just like
Beethoven came to Zagreb, or Mozart, or Hemingway or Verlaine's or Rimbaud! It
was an utmost cultural event!

Legendary Salata stadium, not too big venue situated on the top of a small hill
in the centre of the town, was the best possible choice for Bob's concert in
Zagreb. I was in Berkeley, CA at Greek Theatre last year, so yesterday Salata
reminded me of Berkley in a way. I was there, at Bob's place, now he came to my
place! At last!

I was in Belgrade on Sunday and I was fully satisfied with Bob's concert there.
It was just great. But then again, deeply inside, I felt Zagreb concert must be
even better! It's my hometown, Bob is coming to my hometown, it must be the best
concert! And it was !

Strong Leopard was an opener, contrary to Rainy Day Women in Belgrade. Missed
that Link Wray's riff a bit, but Leopard was excellent choice as crowd was
pleased, starting singing from the begging. I said, we know everything about

It Ain't Me Babe and  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight followed. In Belgrade there were
some problems with sound, I think, but Zagreb sound was perfectly tuned. When
you listen to the same songs two evenings in a row, you could compare them.
Those two songs were the weakest part of the show in Belgrade, but last night in
Zagreb I enjoyed both of them for real. Beyond Here Lies Nothing was the last
song for the warming up. Not all of the attendees were familiar with this one,
yet rendition of the song was just perfect.

The crowd volcano began with Just Like a Woman and it was lasting till the end
of the concert. It became popular in recent years the crowd to help singing Bob
during Just Like a Woman, but what was unusual in Zagreb was the fact Bob, in a
great mood, was waving to the crowd like a conductor. Ok, it was just one hand,
one wave, but I never saw something like that before! And, of course, crowd went
crazy! The first real highlight of the show. First of many more to come!

Honest with Me, an excellent choice following Just like a woman, rose the
atmosphere a little bit more. Great performance. Another one highlight,
Desolation row was a real pleaser, and again followers were singing with Bob.

High Water, one of my favorite song was the next. Another highlight. What a
strong and powerful song! Hope Bob did it because of my nickname on ER :-) 

Great surprise followed - Mr. Tambourine Man. We were waiting for it for a long
time, everyone knew that song, everyone was pleased. Highlight of highlights!

I Don't Believe You  was a preparation for a great finale of the main set. Not
my favorite, but that night every song was great!

The final block, Highway 61 Revisited, Love Sick, Thunder on the Mountain and
Ballad of a Thin Man were extraordinary songs. My English is not good enough to
explain and to describe the feelings of the crowd, the atmosphere. Powerful H61,
thundering Thunder, dim but brilliant Love sick, and extraordinary Ballad of
thin man were cathartic.

Encore break and then Like a rolling stone. Never saw crowd went so mad like
last night. And it was visible the vibe was accepted by the band as well. I had
22 concerts in my legs ( not too many indeed), but I never saw Bob in such a
good mood, not only during LARS, but during the concert. Jolene followed. Again,
this song is much, much better live. Bluesy, rocky, real wonder of the song.

Hello friends, followed, band members and great cheers from the crowd. 
All along the watchtower for the end - storming, powerful, great.

One more thing for the record : Formation.
During formation Bob took his hat off of his head for a second or two!  I think
it was intentionally and purposely!!!

Definitely the best concert I had. 
Some critics in the local newspaper have declared Zagreb concert as the best one
in the region of SE Europe in 20 years. I can say nothing but agree.

Zagreb, Croatia


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