Ostrava, Czech Republic

CEZ Arena

June 9, 2008

[David Zeman], [Miroslava Pirklova]

Review by David Zeman

This was a very nice show, although Bob´s voice was sometimes weakly
audible, possibly due to technical difficulties with the microphone. Stuck
Inside The Mobile was a nice opener, followed by If You See Her Say Hello,
beautifully performed. Among other songs, interesting new arrangements of
It's Alright Ma and Beyond The Horizon are of special note. The greatest
surprise and the absolute highlight of the evening for me was Tryin To
Get To Heaven, quite close to the original Time Out Of Mind version;
however, Bob's singing was even better yesterday, beautiful and
heart-breaking! Just before the encores, Ballad Of A Thin Man, another
impressive song, and another one I wouldn't expect to hear. Living and
working in isolation of the small biochemistry laboratory, I always feel
this song personally as a gentle rebuke. Other songs were approximately as
one could expect.

The air in front of the stage was so stuffy that several people,
including me, felt a little faint during the show. It was the magic of
Bob's voice that helped us to overcome it. I was standing close by a
gentle, beautiful girl; I suppose she was there with her mother. She
watched Bob with great attention, seeming to enjoy the show inwardly but
intensively; and my innermost enjoyment of some mysterious consonance
would be sufficient for me to never forget these two hours of life.

Thanking Bob for this evening and hoping to hear him next year again.

David Zeman


Review by Miroslava Pirklova

My first and maybe the last Bob´s concert (God knows - but Brno is still
waitin´  for you, Bob!) I have been a Dylan fan since 1977 and I think it
was the right time for our "personal" meeting on 9th June in Ostrava. I
don´t want to write about the songs step by step, I´m only adding some
thoughts, which are running through my mind. PLACE - a nice hall, but
stupid security. A chaos before open gates and  especially after opening
the gates. One goer said me after concert that one memeber of the security
who had been siting in front of the reproducer fell asleep during the
concert. AUDIENCE - after 1 and half hour a long waiting beside barriers,
people were running into the gates like a fools. Attenders of all ages -
since a 1.5 old baby to greyhaired harley bikers and old hippies. Czechs,
Slovaks, Italiens, Germains, Russians. Good atmosphere, but not so
impressive (just my opinion). I was standing upstairs cca 20 m from Dylan
- great view on his face and whole hall. SET LIST - A SUPERB CHOICE - a
lot of my favs. First song was Stuck inside of Mobile - my all time fav
No. 1 - thanks, Bob, what a great starter!!! It´s alright ma (band was
cooking and on fire on that one - wow!), If you see her, say hello, High
water, Ballad of a thin man, Desolation Row - amazing! Especially Hight
water and It´s alright ma. BOB  - A GREAT, UNBELIEVABLE GREAT
SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of harp solos - people became nearly
crazy from it. No much smiles - just on Beyond on horizon and one or two
others. A lof of gestures towards band members, especially to Donnie,
(maybe discontent about their playing?) in first half of concert. Drops of
sweat was falling down from his face on his keyboard. Highlights of that
evening - the concert itself. And what to add more? You´re standing in
awe, listening and dancing and music is flowin´ througtout you body, into
each cell, even into marrow of the bones. Thank you Bob, you care well
about the talent abundance, which had been lended to you many years ago.
Thanks for sharing with us. We will always stay on your side.

Regards to Alberto, Kevin, Sharee, guys from KFAD and others, who were not
albe to be here. Special thanks to Jozef from Slovakia. 



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