Varazdin, Croatia

Radar Festival
Gradski Stadium

June 13, 2008

[Borivoj Terek], [Snijezana Matejcic]

Review by Borivoj Terek

How to be objective while writing about the first Bob's concert in Croatia
ever, yet still to be unprejudiced ? Hardly. That's why this is not a
review actually - it's a kind of my-view instead!

Well, we were waiting Bob to visit Croatia for a long time. Now finally he
came. About fifteen thousand people came to Varazdin town, that pleasant,
small and baroque musical place, just to see Bob last night. For the most
of them that was the very first time they met Bob. Some of them were very
excited: "It's hard to believe I will see Bob in live finally!", said one
girl standing just behind my back. A kind of a coincidence has happened in
my case as that Friday night, June 13th, it was my 13th Bob's concert! 

It was a musical festival in Varazdin last night. The openers were
performers from Croatia and Slovenia: rock singers Mlinarec and Kreslin,
and also  the best Croatian rock group Majke (The Mothers). Manic Street
Preachers from UK followed, yet Bob was "a main course of the menu", that
night of course! 

Bob went on stage at 9:30 pm. Opener - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, so once
again I didn't get a single point for the opener on the pool game  :-) !
What I want to say is that RDW was expectable as an opener, that it was
not a surprise. What was a kind of surprise was the rest of the set list
as Bob did only two songs from Modern Times (Rollin' And Tumblin'  and
Ain't Talkin' ) in the main set - what is definitely something unusual for
the current tour. It seems like Bob decided to greet Croatia with such
tunes like Don't Think Twice,  Just Like A Woman, Tangled Up In Blue,
Things Have Changed, Desolation Row, Highway 61 Revisited, It's Alright,
Ma, Love Sick or Like A Rolling Stone. It seem like it was a wise decision
as crowd have accepted those songs with a great pleasure "taking a part"
during the performance, therefore singing altogether with Bob. 

Sound was strong and powerful, from one song to another, even better and
better as the show was progressing. I do not like Things Have Changed too
much, yet last night it was the best performance of the song I have ever
heard. Also it was nice for me to hear Tangled Up in Blue once again after
more then nine years. The same stands for Love Sick too. Finally, the
highlight of the show for me was Ballad Of A Thin Man - a song I was
eagerly expected for years! It happened Bob played it "for me" :-) in
Croatia!  Taking into account it was the first time for me to hear Ain't
Talkin'  and also Lonesome Day Blues live, only thing I can say last night
I had a pleasure to attend another one great Bob's gig. Last night was a
real ballad of a thin man's night, a thin man standing behind his keyboard
and in front of his cowboy band! Thank you Bob! 

Borivoj Terek


Review by Snijezana Matejcic

Going to Varazdin was not in question since I went to all Bob's
concerts held in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Italy - one concert a
year to fill my batteries. It was special for me since Bob was finaly in
my country- in Croatia. I wish he'd come to Pula and play in the roman
arena like some other great musucians did. I can see him there - on a
stage and it govesme shivers. Back to Varazdin - I was in the front rows
as I always try to be, since I want to see him as much as to hear him, and
I can tell you - I never felt scared that the crowd might amash me. All
young people, all of them knowing the words, trying to sing with Bob -
Tangled Up in Blue same as Love Sick. They knew it all and there were
thousands of them.I didn't expect that in Croatia. I didn't know there
were as many young people who can recognize good and hopefully know 
how to use their heads. I loved it. It was bursting with good energy, and 
Bob couldn't hide his feelings eather - several times he smiled in such a way
we could count his teeth. I love that he loved it and couldn't hide it. As
for those who expected songs to be performed the way they listen them at
home from best of editions, and who were not sattisfied with Bob using his
voice as an additional drum set or a sledge hammer on his keybords - I'm
sorry for them. As someone said before, if they came to see the 1960es
icon - whell, that object wasnot on the stage. On a stage of Varazdin
soccer field was an ingenious musician who can perform in a way to indulge
his moods and still be the best. Backed by excellent musutians Dylan left
the real fans breathless one more time. I can hardly wait next year to see
what happens - prerhaps Bob remembers tomorrow how good it was in 
Varazdin and comes to Croatia again. 


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