Trento, Italy

Palazzo delle Albere

June 15, 2008

[Iris Seifert], [Pogolas]

Review by Iris Seifert

Since we're staying in a tiny town near Varese, it seemed a possibility to
go to the Bergamo show (which is tomorrow), tickets obtained. However,
everything this morning said: ti bisogno... it was a pull to go to Trento.

As it was spoken, so it was done. The weather was inclement, though light
rain with high clouds, so some scenery was ascertainable along the way -
very lovely. Arriving at Trento around 3:15 pm it was most pleasantly
surprising that the palazzo, in whose outdoor greens the concert was going
to commence, was open, for it houses a lovely small collection of
paintings and sculptures. Upon viewing them, and seeing a drawing/etching?
of two faces the thought immediately came: Tweedle de Dee and Tweedle de
Dum... And they both came to open the concert later.

Luckily the skies did not weep, and we stayed dry.

But this was the least of headaches, no doubt, for the organizers. No idea
where the ticket holders for standard standing room were supposed to
stand, but shortly after Mr. Dylan had taken the stage, there was no way
to even get to my seat. Security tried everthing to back people up, but no
luck. I was allowed to try and make it through the front crowd, but plan
abandoned up after a short bit. The wave of the crowd eventually
tansported me towards the center behind some tall people, but slowly got
sandwiched between a tall rock of an unbendably willful fellow and a
smaller man who allowed me to lean on him as the going got tougher.

Then, security was trying to get people to sit down, which worked
partially on the right side, and the bulk i was in was trying, but Mr.
wilful and his friend in the front were not to be deterred, although
several other big security people tried hard several times. In the end the
left side seemed the hard core crowd, cheering, shouting song requests,
calling Mr. Dylan Zimmy and ovations of "I love you".

Meanwhile, the crowd behind booing, whistling, throwing bunched up paper
to get front persons to sit down. We tried, but the pressure from behind
was high, and actually not really room to sit, aside from the incurable

Now, this went on for almost half the show! It must have been a bit
unsettling for the musicians to endure from their position; it showed, as
the first numbers seemed just performed, played, checked off the play
list, rough vocals.

But then... Something was definitely happening again here. Maybe it was
the fact that they did play Blind Willie McTell (great solo by Mr.
Freeman), or we just had some awsomely fast, blastissimo numbers that
eventually eased the crowd, or that we heard Trying to get to Heaven
before they close the door, which was excellent. Beyond the Horizon
following High Water (which my neighbors sang loudly) was really mellow,
and Nettie Moore was just endearing. And Mr. Garnier truely was having a
great time as the show went on, and Mr. Kimball, yes, even some electric
parts could be heard, especially after Mr. Dylan asked him to take a turn.

But in the end: He who can hear has a chance to get the idea. "i preach
the word of god" - "to hate nothing more than hatred"....

In the end the decision was not to drive home, but to stay in Trento
(hence the words), actually a beautiful city and a beautiful hotel. My
heart goes out to the lonesome accordeon player on the street in the
center of town, who made his instrument weep. Any american songs? he
answers padding his instruent : yes, they are in here; he was from
Bulgaria, a gentle, humble and soulful man who had played for 40 years...
I mentioned going to a concert tonight, and he said: Oh, Bob Dylan? His
thumb went up. We agreed, yes, Mr. Dylan is a lover of traditional music
and parted. Now I wished I had bought him a so many a thought
occurs too late. He who hesitates is lost; and i feel remorse of

but now, good night, and we will see what tomorrow brings.


Review by Pogolas

I would like to add my thoughts on the night in Trento. My girlfriend and
I travelled from England for this show. And I have to say straight away
that both Trento and Dylan were everything we wanted it to be. Amazingly
though the headlines in the papers the next day were more about the crowd
than the man himself. At the sound of the first note, those standing at
the back (behind barriers) jumped over and ran to the front of the stage.
Quickly blocking the people sitting at the front, who stood, blocking
those behind, who stood until those nearer the back who refused to stand
and instead threw the free newspapers at those in front and chanted (Sorry
don’t speak Italian) between the songs. Some 'scuffles' even broke out.
(Hate nothing at all except hatred... and standing)???  I have no doubt
that in England the show would have had to been stopped but the stewards
didn’t seem to mind and it was nearly half way through the show before a
couple of them started sending people back, getting people to sit. As
people stood at the front for the whole of the show. This was only
marginally successful.   The same cannot be said of Mr.Dylan's
performance though. In his Black hat and Red trim trousers he set about
his business in usual style. Lay Lady Lay and of course, Blind Willie
McTell early highlights. Its wasn’t all full pace with Nettie Moore and
Tryin’ to get to Heaven slowing things down and sounding beautiful in
the amazing setting.  The Older classics came more into set as it went
on. I didn’t here too much ‘new’ just the usual arrangements
performed well. Dylan even getting his Harp out to finish off Don’t
Think Twice and Ballad of a Thin man in very nice style.  The biggest
surprise for me was the encore, while I confidently informed said
girlfriend to expect ‘The Watchtower’ and LARS. He launched into
Thunder on the Mountain which got a lot more people dancing and then a
very nice, and new for me, version of Blowing in the Wind.  Sadly it was
all over to quickly and before you had time to say… No Like a rolling
stone? We were back in the hotel and trying to piece it all together.  

Pogolas (On the Forums)


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