Padova, Italy


June 15, 2010

[Francesco Spagna]

Review by Francesco Spagna

Like an absent meteor. One could have the feeling to have attended a Bob Dylan
concert, a thing many human beings on the planet in this last half century often 
do. One can have the feeling to have found the historical anchorage with an old
fashioned man, and the thing can really give a chill. During I'ts All Over Now,
Baby Blue, Tangled Up in Blue, Workingman Blues n. 2, I  felt this kind  of
connection. Also Masters of War, with its new striking arrangement. We
enthusiastically appreciate all the extraordinary energy in Highway 61 and All
Along the Watchtower.  The dramatic beginning of Ballad of a Thin Man, the 
song marking this tour, crashed the levee of the crowd, and the people flooded 
under the stage. With Jolene one can beautifully, sweetly, sinuously dance! 

However, “El Hombre”, casts his shadow on the back of the stage – the
shadow of Bob Dylan! – and looks like he’s light-years away. Leaving on
stage this vicarious performer, ageing and a little droll in his fancy dress
(it’s time, I think, to go back to a more casual style...). 

An absent meteor - but benedictory in the end, like an exiled pope, or
a metaphysical monarch. Ladies and gentleman...!!! 

“Gypsy Flag”


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