Bergamo, Italy

Summer Sound Festival

June 16, 2008

[Matteo Callegari], [Salvatore L.]

Review by Matteo Callegari

I was at the show monday night in Bergamo and my intention is reviewing 
the gig instead of complain...unfortunately things like STAFF behave, lost 
seating seats, incredible late in letting people enter the venue ARE very
important... I have no words for D'Alessandro & Galli who organized the 
show...It's a huge shame...
But on the stage was Mr. Dylan... the only one who was punctual and 
professional on that evening...
On 21.05 I was out of the venue when I heard the first tune...LEOPARD... 
and my rage grow...Mr. Dylan was ON and his singing was very good..sometime
incredible... I hope to hear a recording of this show just to hear a phrasing on 
JUST LIKE TTBLUES that kicks evrbodys face in the venue...For me HARD RAIN 
and JUST LIKE A WOMAN (nice dynamics arrangment) was the highlight of the 
gig but Bob gave us a very good HIGH WATER and others... there was no 
lower points in the show.

I saw him smile (maybe to George or Tony) after a "bizarre" beginning of a 
verse during SUMMER DAYS... i love that man and seeing his smiling was 
thrilling....On the encores the band begin playing HAPPY BIRTHDAY theme 
and Tony wave his head to somebody behind them... then came uncle Bob 
who join the theme with his harp... the right one:-)
never though i could witness it:-)

All in all Mr. Dylan is in fine form and i hope he go on and on the long and 
the best as he could... we italians always follow him.

Matteo Callegari 


Review by Salvatore L.

As I standing inside the rain

I hear a voice at microphone after the fanfara. It was the same road
manager old voice. "The poet laureate of rock and roll", thunder in the
microphone, but this time with a quite and more profound semi tone. He
also stops at "substance abuse" and "meet Jesus". Anf finally the Columbia
recording artist, in person and still live, appears. Bob is in black suit.
His cap is white with a plume colored on the left side. He love caps with
some plume just like you see it in 75 Us rolling thunder review.

And thunder was in the air at the top of the hill, north of Bergamo, 45 km
from Milan, The city of Mille. But Mille was the historic expedition of
thousand soldiers to unify South Italy in 1861. Strange that now they host
a right movement of separation, North Liga, from the south and form the
central power of Rome, the Capitol Town of Thefth.

We saw Bob inside the rain and he answer singin in the rain: Just like a
woman (with a candle light), Tom Thumb' Blues (rain in Juarez). After all
he's a occasional entertainer, a singer for an event. His first
composition was a MotherDay baby poem.

He has a great voice tonight with high and lows as a crooner. Some mistake
in Moonlight is forgiven. The nadir of the night was Honest with me. And
Highway 61 went in a routine way.

The man play harmonica in a Happy birthday before Thunder on
the mountain. He sang delicate and sublime as possible. Every verse of
Hard Rain is a profecy, and he miss the last one, "And I know my song well
before I start singing". His voice was a howlin at moon. Danny Freman solo
in Like a Rolling stone was new and great. It invented in a new melody. At
the end he looks pale like a ghost, got the harmonica and say hello with a

Salvatore L.


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