Parma, Italy

Parco Ducale

June 18, 2010

[Manuela Demo & Sergio Gandiglio], [Mario Ruggeri]

Review by Manuela Demo & Sergio Gandiglio

We got Parma with chilly sweet breeze and in the distance the sound  
check notes are blowing in the wind.

Promoter must understand that reserved seats don't fit Dylan show!

As usual after a few minutes the crowd get close to the stage and we  
are still into "Rainy Day" that reserved seats are gone!

This is our first time since Charlie rejoined the band and it's  
immediately clear that things have changed on stage.

Bob played guitar on the first five songs and the sound is brilliant,  
warm and powerfull.

Expecially "Beyond Here Lies Nothing" had a great sound with a nice  
arrangement incuding fascinating Donnie's trumphet.

Bob is in a good mood, he seems to be enjoying himself and Charlie's return  
seems to bring new enthusiasm and ideas.

Another highlight of the evening is Highway 61, the band sounds as a  
whole and to be part of this is simply fantastic!

There are no big surprises in the set list but the gig flows in the  
best way song after song.

We also got another tune from "T.T.L."  the beautiful ballad  "I Feel  
A Change Is Coming On" which transports us directly into the story.

Great moment when Bobby performed "Ballad Of A Thin man" at the centre  
of the stage with the microphone in a hand and a deep intention to  
transmit us his feeling.

Soon we already at the encore time: probably one of the best LARS  
we've ever heard. Bobby sang with intensity and sweetness with a  
passionate pronouncing of every single word.

Almost touched by Dylan "Thank You Friendsssss", we approach the exit  
with the deep convinction of having attended another Dylan terrific  

Soon will be heading to Lion

Manuela Demo & Sergio Gandiglio


Comments by Mario Ruggeri

A spectacular show in a beautiful city. Bob looked great and maybe played more
guitar than usual. He smiled many times as well. Charlie was in wicked form and
looked so cool that I simply wanted to be him. The new songs were as good as the
old. The only thing i wasn't sure of was the colour of Bob's new



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