Grenoble, France

Palais des Sports

June 19, 2008


Review by Marina

Very good and solid show in Grenoble's Palais des Sports. Dylan and the Band 
are out a few minutes after 20.30, the fans jump up and get close to the 
stage. It starts with a hot "Watching The River Flow", followed by good 
renditions of "Girl Of The North Country" and "Lonesome Day Blues". Bob is 
pale, like he has some white make-up on his face, or like some creature of 
the night; "Love Sick" is perfect, and the aching of the words seem to fit 
perfectly with his look. Not sure if I like the new "Tangled Up In Blue", 
maybe it depends on the fact that during the song the security people try 
(to modest results) to push us back; this is probable due to the first two 
rows, partially filled with some local VIPs who have arrived to their numbered 
seats a few seconds before the show was due to start, could not care less 
about the music, and are now  buggered by the fact that all they can see 
are our behinds. Back to the show where, after a nice "Rollin' And Tumblin'", 
we got a completely reworked "Love Minus Zero/No Limit", which I love, and 
Bob sings divine. "Highwater", "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" and "I'll Be Your 
Baby Tonight" are all good, both for vocals and musicianship; on "Hard Rain" 
Bob looks very careful to direct his band towards the direction he wants them 
to go, a great final crescendo. I know it's "Workingman's Blues #2" by the first 
notes; hard to comment on this number, as I am partial to it, love it too much 
and was eager to get it live. I pay moderate attention to "Highway 61 
Revisited" because I am now waiting for "Ain't Talking", another of my favs. 
Audience witnesses silently this incredible song - apart from me who, when 
the line "Someday you'll be glad to have me around" comes,  scream a loud 
'yes' which I think (I hope?) he hears, cause he smiles and nods slightly! I 
could go away happy enough, but I stay to a good "Summer Days" and a not 
so good "All Along The Watchtower": Bob looks and acts as he is really 
unhappy with the song, and a couple of times turns to Stu and seems to tell 
him to quit playing - which he does! Encores are an entertaining "Thunder On 
The Mountain" e a "Blowin' In The Wind" which sounds a bit of a throwaway. 
As I said, a very good show, with many highlights and a few moments that 
could have been better.



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