Sacramento, California
Memorial Auditorium

June 25, 2022

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet


From Santa Cruz to Sacramento.
After a day of rest at my friend Ruby's house.
And sleeping on the top of the roof
We say goodbye at the BART Oakland station where I catch my FLIXBUS
 to Sacramento.
Sacramento June 25th.
Two hours and a half later I am in Old Sacramento. I like it very much.I 
walk around, eat a pizza, charge my phone battery at the tourist center 
and finally walk to the Memorial auditorium. 
Beautiful building. Cool security.
I don't want to miss that show so by 7.15pm when a french man proposes 
a ticket for 40$ ...I buy it. Plus I give him one of my prints
I sell another print for 20$.
And by 7.40pm I am inside.
The seat is on the right side of the stage. I know my view will be obstructed 
by the two bottles on the piano
Bob starts with a long long long intro on guitar, standing behind the piano.
Then "Watching the river flow".
As usual a lot of folks are not seated yet.
Around me they will move in and out non stop.
How much do they need to drink for 100 minutes show?
Surprisingly Bob will move center stage for "I contain multitudes". But the 
sound tech is also surprised and the mic is not on.
Takes few seconds to hear Bob
He's trying to bend his knees and up but he looks awkward.
Until "Crossing the Rubicon" I'm not thrilled about his performance. The lyrics
are mumbled.
But then the public is all quiet and his voice is clear and strong. The guitar of 
Bob Britt is a must.
The highlight of the night.
"Key west" in the new arrangement is also welcomed by the public.
The Band starts a great "Serve somebody" but Bob 'insists' on playing a loud 
piano set and that ruins the rythme (my opinion).
The audience is still and quiet on the floor but next to me people talk and 
even argue. On my left, the young guy is playing on his.... telephone
"Jimmy Reed" brings five or six fans up and dancing. Nothing to worry about
Bob presents the Band and says something about Dough Lancio I can't hear. 
Then something about Bob Britt, I can't hear.
A big applause for Tony Garnier.
It's a sweet "Every grain of sand" when Bob decides to add some harp 
in the break.
A big applause from the audience.
Stepping out by Bobby's bus I'm wondering how they will pull that bus out
 as the traffic is dense and the bus is parked on the wrong direction of the 
 one way street.
The police comes to rescue and block the traffic until Bobby is safely 
on...the road again.
Heading for!
I bump into Suzie, a fan, who drives me to the train station to hear about 
my BD stories.
As my train is late... it's ok to chat a little.
I just don't know when that slow train will come around the bend.
Hoping to reach Bend on time.


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