Vitoria, Spain

Azkena Rock Festival
Alex Chilton Stage

June 26, 2010

[Angel Uriarte]

Review by Angel Uriarte

Rainy day it was in Vitoria, but rain spared Bob and touched Robert Gordon and 
Chris Isaak, the artists before and after Bob. Two voices and a growl in between.
If you know what I mean.

Sound was great, I told some guy at the board that low tones had been too 
strong with Robert Gordon, and  he did the thumbs up sign, so I dont know what 
he understood , but Bob sounded crystal clear from the first to last song.Rainy day 
women was true to its rythym, Dont think twice was countryside, very nice to 
listen .Stuck Inside of Mobile  comes too soon,I dont get the timing of this tune, 
shouldnt it go more down deep in the show when weed has taken its position? 
Just like a woman is played with Bob anticipating the audience doing the usual 
chorus, not quite as moving as in other shows i might listened or been to.To be 
Honest with Bob i dont like how George performs Honest with me, it lacks all the 
punch and uptempo that only David kemper used to build in it. I miss David kemper 
on the drums.I dont think the band liked how they resolved this number.

But then, we are climbing... and next song  we are up on the summit, so high up 
that at first i think Every grain of sand is on stage, but it isnt that, it is A new 
Simple twist of fate, and it comes in such a beautiful form that i just cant believe 
it, Bob so much deep in it, heartfeeling it, this song makes the concert, makes the 
day, makes it clear: the king is in his throne.It,s the highest mountain, you hold 
your breath,and while still on top ,here comes a real good High Water with Bob 
and Charly doing duets at the end of it.I havent listened to this song from other 
shows this tour, but i get the feeling it is played with a different rhythm. Charly 
has been kneeling down from the beginning, I think he has problems with his 
knees, he tries to stand up, but he kneels down again, then he stretches his leg, 
then he almost sits, surely he has something going on.I can see his pain .

Blind Willie and we are still on the Everest, time for Bob to gesticulate , a la 
Sinatra? He plays harp bending forwards, now  he stands  arms to the audience 
and then bends playing his harp again.

Highway 61 is played " al galope" ( galloping ),  it doesnt increase uncontrollably, 
not the skyrocket that - again, David would make of it, but still great considering 
we are coming down from such heights.

Shelter from the storm has the same form it has had for  the last shows, it is clear 
we are coming down to  the base camp,where the usual "verbena" is taking place, 
you know, verbena= spanish for open air dance in summer, and since it is 
summertime, we get the Thunder" from" the mountain delivered as such; a 
summertime-summerdays dance.And in every verbena there must be a slow 
number, so here it goes Ballad of a Thin Man.You all know how good, great, 
etc etc this song is being played, so why should it be different tonite? It is night 
time on the ,and so the shadows are here onstage, creating a 
mysteryous atmosphere, not a song that invites you to ask a girl to dance to, 
right?But then again the three girls I am dedicating this review to, were not 
here with me, so instead of their charms i have to go with the beauty of this 

Like a Rolling stone i liked it, yes I like it, It,s only a Rolling Stone, but I like it.
Only a Rolling Stone....but I like it, I like it, Oh yeah I like it!

At the end someone told me Bob forgot to introduce his band.And then it rained, 
while Chris Isaak sang Love me tender , I was left out in the rain, while you 
Emmily, Blanca and Kay were on dry land.

This review is dedicated to :

Emily Shelynn in Whitesville, KY, USA
Blanca Crespo in Oviedo, Spain
Kay Smith in Newcastle, UK

Angel Uriarte  


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