Carcassonne, France

Theatre Jean Deschamps

June 28, 2010

[Guillem Turon Mallol]

Review by Guillem Turon Mallol

If Barcelona was the wild Dylan night today it was not so wild, but as good as
that night. The sound, except for the 1st song, was fantastic and You could hear
all the details of the instruments. That was a great point. The voice was a
little covered by the instruments, but I'm affraid that they know what they're
doing. Different start from Barcelona: Leopard, Baby blue, I'll be your baby
tonight. Ok. We already see it's a not-so-wild-night. Well done Just like a
woman, with singalong again, but not so powerful tonight. All in all, a good
performance and was great to hear it so well. Then a rocky Leevee's gonna break,
one of my less favourite songs, but it was OK. Then Tangled up in blue... again.
It seems that Bob chose it every time I go to see him. I think it sounded better
today than on thursday, although Bob messed up with one verse (I don't know if
he missed one or if he sang the following too soon), and he and the band did
what they were able to solve it, and of course they did. Once he had sung
"Tangled up in bluuuuuuue", laughed to Donnie and put a face hard to describe,
as he was saying to him "what a mess I've done" or "wow, we nearly missed it".
Then follows another of my less favourites: Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, but he
did it well too, so there's no complain. That's one of the greatest things to
see Dylan live: he makes You like what You usually don't like, sometimes even
more than what You were hoping. Then Love sick. Great again. Maybe I liked it
even a little more than in Barcelona. ANd follwoing, Cold Irons bound, the song
I was hoping to hear for first time live in these two shows (having already seen
Bob 6 times from the release of Time out of mind) and I had it twice the
pleasure of hear such a wonderful version. A highlight again, and again I see
how the Time out of mind songs work great live (and in the album too for me).
Then another not-one-of-my-favourites, despite of the general opinion: Mr.
Tambourine man. Nice version though and I enjoyed it. Then Highway 61, good as
always, and my mom considered it her birthday present (her 60th birthday is next
week and that's her favourite song). And then, a great surprise to me: a
wonderful version of one of my favourites, Not dark yet. Again a Time out of
mind song sounding great. And then the usual Thunder & Ballad of a thin man. The
latter hasn't been as funny as in Barcelona, but much better done I think. The
encores were somehow ruined bby the unrespectful people who didn't pay for a
carré d'or ticket but decided to enter the zone and stand in front of the people
who did not letting see it well. Luckily I'm tall and can see, but what about
the poor woman that was at my back? I can understand some in the 2nd row that
have got up in Like a rolling stone, but I think it's not fair that some not
having done what I did to have a seat there (not only pay) can get there and
treat people there so unkindly (some were asking us to not have our feet where
we had it). Luckily they were only a few. Well... I was at the usual encore,
tonight of 3 songs again. I think Like a rolling stone was specially well sung
tonight and Blowin' in the wind had a specially wonderful harp solo at the end.
I think it has been one of this special solos as in Every grain of sand of the
Shot of love album, in What can I do for You or Just like a woman in At Budokan.
So, a nice show, among the best I attended. I'm not sure if I liked it more or
less than Barcelona's one. That was special for the wild feeling, but I think
tonight was musically better. Two good nights in a 4 day period. I hope I don't
have to wait long to have something similar again. 

Guillem Turon Mallol


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