Bordeaux, France

Patinoire Meriadeck

June 29, 2010

[Myles Flynn]

Review by Myles Flynn

Well, off to Bordeaux and my umpteenth Bob show. Not, I admit,without some
trepidation. The last UK shows I saw, including The Roundhouse gig were
for me, flat. Bob looked jaded,going through the motions,was he tiring of
touring ?

The first thing I noticed was the crowd. They were not all bald 55 year
old men like me. The area in front of the stage was full of 18-25 year old
men and women,all up for a good time. The ones I spoke to weren't aware of
Bobs back catalogue,they weren't earnestly discussing what the opening
song would be,they had just come to enjoy a night with Bob.

And did they ever enjoy the show. From the moment the band kicked off with
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat and moved into Wheels on Fire right through to
All Along The Watchtower the place was jumping. Bob and the band played a
tight rockin set, with Bobs vocals clearer than in years.

Highlight of the night ? Charlies face when Bob kicked into Things Have
Changed,not at all what the band were expecting.

As I left the concert hall I heard a young woman say "Its the best gig
I've ever been to" and she wasn't the only one who thought that. It was a
terrific show.

Bob Dylan, tired of touring ? Jaded ? What was I thinking ?

Myles Flynn


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