Del Mar, California

July 1, 2000

Del Mar Fairgrounds

[Tom Kirby], [Teddy Greene], [Daniel Jackson], [Matt Schafer], [Brian Essex], [Kent Franks]

Review by Tom Kirby

Ahhh....just saw 3 Dylan shows in the last 3 nights...sure wish I could
follow him on this whole tour. I'd even knowingly return to awful venues
like that dust bowl called Seaside Park at the Ventura County Fairgrounds
2 nights ago. But at least the fair was not in town at Ventura when Bob
played there, but get this: last night Bob plays the Del Mar Fair while
the fair WAS in town! It turns out the venue was not that bad if you got
there early enough for a good seat. You had to enter the fair before you
could enter the concert area (2 tickets were required, one to get into the
fair, and one to get into the show, which was general admisssion). The
concert doors were scheduled to open at 5:00 for a 7:00 show time. I found
my way through the fair and to the concert by 5:30 and was surprised to
see a 1/4 mile line of about 4,000 people waiting to get in! (They were
late opening the doors, which opened at 5:40.) Last year when Bob played
San Diego with Paul Simon he only sold 9,500 tickets to a 20,000 seat
amphitheater. I was sad that such an incredible act as Bob at such peak
performance couldn't even half way fill a venue, not even with Paul
Simon's first tour in 10 years on the bill. Now I am heartened to see that
the word is out, Bob is not to be missed. Sheesh, he sold out the Del Mar
Fair! 13000 people willing to deal with the fair to see Bob! Well, he did
not disapoint anyone. He was in fine voice, was very animated, telling
jokes, playing very well, and had a wonderful set list. I'm so thrilled to
hear the less known tunes he has been playing lately, and the obscure
covers he is doing, like the gospel openener last night, Somebody Touched
Me ("it must have been The Lord".) I was thinking, yes Bob, the Lord has
indeed touched you, for how else could you be so full of life, putting out
such powerful, sincere and wonderful performances, night after night, and
lately, year after year. Quite a departure from just going through the
motions while heavily intoxicated, as was common a dozen years ago. Next
song was Long Black Veil, perfomed very well, then into one of the
highlights of the last 3 nights for me, Visions of Johanna. It was every
bit as good as last year's version that can now be downloaded for free off
of Bob's web site ( Then another wonderful
rarity, Delia. I just love hearing this band play acoustic (or electric,
for that matter). Then I noticed Bob do something he has done just prior
to Tangled each of the last 3 nights. He takes off his guitar, turns and
walks in a big circle, puts the same guitar back on, and ruturns to the
front with a very serious look on his face. It is like he his gearing
himself up for a very serious rendition of Tangled Up in Blue, one of the
few tunes he has been playing every night for years now. He sure does
succesfully gear himself up for it, for it always sounds amazingly fresh
and wonderul (and what a great song, after all). Next song It's All Over
Now Baby Blue, done much like it was last year, slow with Larry on pedal
steel. Very nice. Then Country Pie was the first electric song, a nice
rocking version. Next up was a very slowed down version of Positively 4th
Street, literly at one half normal speed, played electric. This worked to
great effect, making this an entirely different tune, one that works much
better than the original for me. Next up a rocking road house version of
Down in the Flood, bringing the house down. Then Bob switches gears again
and gives a very slow, soulfull Tears of Rage. Very powefull stuff,
especially for those of us thinking about Jerry Garcia, who used to cover
this tune. Then back to a rocking roadhouse style with The Wicked
Messanger, wonderfully garnished with Bob on harp. Then they wrapped up
the first set with a very powerfull Pill Box that hardly resembles the
studio version of this song. Instead, this is now a very hard rocking
song, with tons of extended jams between verses. Great stuff. Then for the
encore we got Things Have Changed and Like a Rolling Stone, both done very
well. Then another very sweet change of pace, very appropriate for this
venue, Girl of the North Country, with its openening line "Well, if you're
traveling in the north country fair.... " Played very soft and sweet, so
well rendered. Then he wraps it up with a Rainy Day Woman, very well
received by this crowd.

Of the last 3 shows, Irvine was the best, with Del Mar last night a close
second. At Irvine, we got the harp 5 times, and the sweat pouring off of
Bob like he was running a marathon. The show at Venture was good, but I
think the venue disapointed Bob. It was also the only time he was not
consistently in great voice, but then again, in that dust bowl, nobody
could be. The Ventura venue is the inside of an all dirt race track,
surrounded by dirt parking lots, and there was enough breeze to kick the
dust up. The only saving grace of this venue is that it is right next to
the beach and in a nice town. During "Frankie Lee and Judas Priest" Bob
gave a very knowing, comiserating, "inside joke" look to Charlie Sexton
during the line "what kind of house IS THIS to which I have roamed". 

I think the last two shows sold out, both general admission (15000 and
13000 capacity). He only sold about 11,000 to Irvine, which holds about
15000. At Ventura and Del Mar there was a large area without seats in
front of the stage, which made for a fun dancing crowd. Speaking of
crowds, this year's deadheads sure beats last year's deadbeats on the tour
with Paul Simon. Even Irvine Meadows had everyone on their feet for about
1/2 of Bob's show.

Phil Lesh and Friends were good at all three shows, but Bob is the top act
here, even though he is opening. Bob sure is a hard act to follow. Even
all the deadheads that came for Phil were blown away by Dylan (as I knew
they would be!)

Tom Kirby


Review by Teddy Greene

Scene Del Mar California. Land of  decadence and corruption. Enter a 
group of  musician gunfighters. Each deadly quick. Each well honed at 
his trade. Praise and  Glory were offered with an opening of the classic 
Somebody Touched Me. Tight, clean, nearly without blemish. Long Black 
Veil followed, hauntingly beautiful, and somewhere in the warm  seas of 
the Caribbean, Big John Cash smiled. The outlaws of righteousness shot 
down the enemy with fearful ease and deadly efficiency. Such is the 
nature of THIS KIND of warfare. Heavy artillery rang out in the form 
of Visions, of a man named Johanna and it quieted the enemy's' small 
fire of vanity and self appointed intellectualism. Cylinders rolled out 
and empty shell casings  fell to the stage as the host of heaven watched 
from the perimeter of the fight. Reloaded and without a single twitch 
from all five gunman, all Delia broke out. Sad and to the point, all of 
us forced into bittersweet remembrance of past friends and companions. 
The fallen ones scattered as the big guns came out, Tangled up by their 
communications outage. In outward expression we shouted to our Hero's' 
emissaries, singing the chorus for ourselves. A well used weapon came 
out and the beginning of the end began as the enemy shouted "Its' All 
Over Now". Country Pie ran quickly through was a sweet fairgrounds treat. 
Positive that the gun fighters played on fourth street out of orders 
rather than desire. Next came the Flood with torrential rains and fierce 
winds, washed away a layer of complacency and irreverence, we all road 
out safely aboard a model of grace. Tears of rage was excellent, Larry 
was shot in the throat which in turn, distracted the point man. Recovery 
was instant and final when a Messenger approached. He road in, huffs 
pounding, and cleared the ancient winged lizards from their bunkers. A 
fun victorious wrought of Leopard- skinned blessed us as we danced in 
the isles.  The gunmen lowered the weapons, received their thanks from 
a grateful town, and went into the saloon for a victory toast, only to 
take the stage that night at the celebration, Preaching a message of 
righteousness and reminding us that Things have indeed changed, that we 
shouldn't take our lives for granted and end up an alone Stone that 
gathered no moss, not much love either, that the innocence of a farm 
girl from the North Country can still be renewed, and that maybe most 
importantly of all, not to be discouraged when men let us down by 
ridicule and persecution, that we should count it as a blessing, 
everyone has Rainy days in which they are falsely accused.
Teddy Greene 


Review by Daniel Jackson

Bob Dylan finished off his last Southern California date with Phil Lesh 
on a low point.  This is a good thing.  Bob's low point was dark, lonely 
performance where the laughing and dancing was replaced with grimaces 
and head hanging.  Beautiful.  Unfortunately for the Del Mar fairground 
party crowd which overran the arena, this wasn't the fiesta they wanted.  
But for the Bob connoisseur, it was sheer delight.  

The tone was set by the second song, Long Black Veil, and simmered into 
Delia.  I have been waiting patiently to hear this live since first 
seeing it pop up occasionally on past set lists.  An incredibly pained 
delivery, with each chorus closing with a wincing "…all the friends I 
ever had are gone."  I think Bob giving this type of introspection to a 
crowd busy talking to each other while he sang only added to his 

Tangled Up In Blue was the first chance for the crowd to get into it, 
and I think by now, they knew they better take advantage of every 
opportunity.  And they did.  It was a fun reading, and Bob looked like 
he enjoyed it.  But not enough to keep from pulling back the reins for 
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.  Out came the electricity, and he ripped 
into Country Pie.  Again, the crowd responded.  One note-I haven't seen 
it mentioned since he started doing this song, but has "appleberry" 
replaced apple and cherry on the pie menu?  Funny.  And speaking of 
funny, tonight's joke was:  "Earlier me and David (Kemper) stopped into 
a fish restaurant to get something to eat.  David asked if they serve 
crabs.  They said they sure do, just sit right down."  Ba da bum.

From what was probably his most lighthearted creation, Bob flipped 
everything upside down with what is probably his most bitter song, 
Positively 4th Street.  Bob made his way through this assault with an 
increasingly spirited delivery, and was virtually hissing by songs end.  
I liked the new arrangement on Down In The Flood better the second 
time I have heard it.  Although more upbeat musically, the recurring 
theme of lost friends was apparent.  "We're so alone, and life is 
brief," Bob sang in a most somber tone on Tears of Rage-very sad.  
Also, an important observation on this song:  Larry Campbell and 
Charlie Sexton's harmonies sounded strikingly The Band-like.  Bob 
brought it back up with a very animated harmonica solo on Wicked 
Messenger, and did keep that flow going with Leopard-Skin Pill-Box 
Hat.  This one got rowdy with drinks flying, people running, dog 
barking, cats screaming, cops coming, I was bald.  Well, it wasn't 
quite that rowdy, but pretty close.  

The encore was very standard, save Girl Of The North Country.  Sadly, 
this song's tenderness drifted over the beer-swillers and into the 
night, alone.  I believe that the majority of this crowd came to party 
and see some big name perform greatest hits.  They probably went into 
Lesh disappointed (or to drunk or whatever to know the difference).  
But to the diehards, this was a special, emotional show.  Thanks, Bob.   


Review by Matt Schafer

Since this was my last Bob show of this tour, (I am finally home!) I
wanted to sit down and tell all about a good start to what will probably
be a great tour.  Bob is still in great form. Del Mar now makes for my
38th Bob show since '91 and he just keeps getting better. Unfortunately
he's playing the bigger amphitheaters in the summers with a double bill. I
love what Phil Lesh is doing with Phil and Friends, but I got spoiled when
I saw Bob at the Sun Theater, House of Blues, or the other 1500 and under
capacity clubs. To sit and watch this performer in the flesh makes me

Del Mar was a good show but began a bit shaky. I was sure to hear Duncan &
Brady but was pleased to hear- Somebody Touched Me: a bit scrambled, Bob
seeming tired but soon gets his vocals off the ground with a great- Long
Black Veil: I really like this song a lot and I love the harmonies
provided by Larry and Charlie. Solid performance and Bob really lightens
up to the crowd. Next I expected Masters but Larry kept his guitar on and
Bob made the rounds to the boys and went with a sweat- Visions of Johanna:
my first real highlight of the evening. Very strong throughout and Bob
really started projecting his vocals a lot.  His guitar licks began to
take over and we were all in for it. Next we got a very surprising- Delia:
a song I have never heard Bob play before will always be a highlight just
because its fresh. I don't know why but I seemed to be the only one there
digging this song. No matter because now Bob gives the yuppies what they
came to hear- Tangled Up In Blue: not much to say except it was good, but
how could it not be when he plays it every night for 10 years straight-
It's All Over Now Baby Blue: wasn't as strong as Mandalay but the crowd
loved it. Out came the electric and I knew we were getting- Country Pie: I
seen this song performed for the first time ever earlier this year and I
have to say it's already coming a long way. I love when Charlie, Larry,
and even Bob trade guitar licks in the middle of the song-great stuff.
Next came- Positively 4th Street: which I don't think Bob is doing very
well these days. Sure the crowd loved it but I think the song was stronger
in '95. Next came a very funny moment for me. It looked like Bob changed
his mind on what song to play, but before he could tell the boys David
went into- Crash on the Levee: Bob seemed bummed like "Hey man I wasn't
gonna play that tonight." Bob didn't play for about six bars and just kept
looking around running his hands through his curls. After that he jumped
right into it but didn't seemed pleased. Next came: Tears of Rage: my god,
two songs I've never heard live in one night. The harmonies are
outstanding with the slightly different arrangement then that of the '98
versions I've heard. This was the best performance of the night by far.
Then came- Wicked Messenger: this version was horrible. I seen two
outstanding versions just last week in Concord and in Vegas and this one
just fell apart. Bob got lost and David ended too early which made Bob
angry. It looked like Bob was barking at him afterwards but then
introduced some of the finest players in the country and made  another
joke about David. Bob always uses poor David in his jokes. Leopard Skin
Pill Box Hat: was expected and had some good licks by Bob. All the encores
were typical and the only that's worth mentioning is- Girl of the North
Country: really great stuff. I can't help but say that I love this song.
Too bad Bob don't do this one by himself without the boys like the good
ole days but hey, it was good. All in all a great show but not as strong
as Ventura. 

Matt Schafer


Review by Brian Essex

As I write this review I must say I came away with a much better attitude.
Anyone who read my Irvine review knows how upset I was at the large
population of Deadheads and their apathetic attitude towards Bob and his
band.  I must say I had beautiful view of Mr. Dylan and his band thanks to
my good friend Bob Orlando who waited in the hot sun all day.  Thanks Bob
the pistachios are back in the freezer waiting to be consumed by you.  The
crowd around us was energetic and passionate for the show and Zimmy did
not disappoint.  

The show opened with Somebody Touched Me which was beautiful.  Next was
Long Black Veil.  Visions of Johanna was a terrific surprise for me! 
Delia and Tangled were played with excellent enthusiasm.  Can this
gentlemen really be 59 years old?  He has more energy than most 25 year
olds!  It's All Over and Country Pie were awesome, but I lost it when I
finally got to hear Positively 4th Street live for the first time.  To end
the first set he played Down in the Flood, Tears of Rage, The Wicked
Messenger and Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat (I know I have said this often but
Bob loves to play Leopard!)

OK now it is encore time.  Look out everyone Bob is about to knock your
socks off.  He has played at some high levels for me before but tonight it
was just at another level!  Things have changed was as clear as it is on
the soundtrack to the Wonderboys.  Like a Rolling Stone was a fabulous
performance.  The crowd is going wild.  It was like Bob just hit a
grandslam in the bottom of the ninth in the World Series in Yankee

I about died when Bob played Girl from the North County.  Here we were at
the fair in the northern part of San Diego.  Was that a coincidence?  I
think not.  The show stopper was Rainy Day Women to end a truly great
performance.  I want to thank my friend again for a great time.  Ebru
Eren, Joel Giffin, Stephanie Giffin and the aforementioned Bob Orlando
made it one of the best moments of my life.  Joel bite your tongue on that
comment about maybe seeing Dylan for the final time.  I will not allow
that!  I promise.  To Rich Orlando: the next time Mr. Dylan is in Southern
California you have to come down for a visit.  Hopefully your brother will
save you some pistachios!  Sorry for being so long winded and for any
typos or grammatical errors, but it's late and I am tired.  Take care
everyone.  Keep on rockin' Zimmy!

Brian C. Essex


Review by Kent Franks

Having seen Dylan in March of 2000 in Bakersfield, this show was an
amazing improvement.  His guitar playing was smoother and more precise,
and his singing was excellent.  No missed leads or forgotten vocals.  He
smiled off and on throughout the show, and was physically animated.  He
appears to be enjoying the music, and he looked trim and fit.  He was
inspiring in both sight and sound. 

Kent Franks


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