Alicante, Spain

Centro de Tecnificacion

July 2, 2008

[Sid Deeble], [Anne Adkins]

Review by Sid Deeble

The mark of a good Bobnight for me is : a) when my wife says he was 
really good, and b) when I look at the set list after the show not feeling 
over excited about the selection, but having felt that I'd just experienced 
an "as good as it gets " show,  and so it was in Alicante last week.

The trip out from Cornwall in the UK was more than worth it and the 
Spanish sunshine was just a bonus. The Centro de Technificacion was a 
really good indoor venue. Approximately 4000  of the 5000 tickets sold to
a predominantly young Spanish (very enthusiastic) crowd. After being 
tormented for a mercifully short time by a dire support act (where do 
they find them), the " common man" in his business like/ matter of fact 
way, resplendent in black western suit and grey stetson breezed on 

It ain't me was sublime, new arrangement, new emphasis.Mobile skipped
along the way it does on good Bob nights- with Bob blowing the harp to
massive applause.

The "newer" material was as well recieved as the old milestones of rock,
easy to appreciate how this material accomodates Bobs voice so well,
although the clever re-arrangements of the older material are certainly
far from let down by the vocal.

Delighted to hear Workingmans Blues, beautifully performed. Who
could have prepared us though for Highway 61, Bob and Tony locked in
battle for 5 glorious minutes- eyes searing into each other.By now the
crowd were in his hand, three more recent ballads preceded the now
predictable but wonderful Thunder/ Rolling Stone encore, How does it 
feel?  Pretty damn good Bob!

The man shuffles to centrestage for the first time, does'nt look to take 
a bow until all of his magnificent band are present, a single bow- exit.

The stuff of legends- we exit spellbound.   


Comments by Anne Adkins

I went to see the Alicante concert with my daughter.  We caught the 
morning flight from Coventry England and arrived in Alicante around 1.  We
left our things at our hotel in the centre then got a bus to the concert
place.  It was very hot waiting outside.  We planned to have a few days in
the sun too.  I had seen Bob in 2007 in Birmingham, but I hoped this arena
would be better, which it was a lot.  I must say I thought it was a very
good show and enjoyed the choice of songs, although all his songs are good
to me. I did enjoy Highway 61 and LARS.  The crowd were enjoying the
music and chanting and shouting for Bob.  We managed to get a good view
right at the front.  We both enjoyed the concert very much and it was the
high light of my few days in Spain.  I would have liked to have got
tickets for Lorca 2 nights later but they had all sold out, so it was
disappointing we had not gone to any other Spanish concerts.  It was
definately worth travelling from England.  Hope its not too long before we
see Bob playing his wonderful music again, and also hope he continues
touring for a long long time, and as long as he can.

Anne Adkins


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