Lille, France
Lille Grand Palais
Le Zénith
July 3, 2006

[Jean Vaillan], [Nicolas Poiret]

Review by Jean Vaillan

Let's make this review quick: The music was muddy, sloppy and loud, the
band members carefully watching Dylan's moves on the keyboard to get their
clues as to what was going to come next (thank god I had brought my
binoculars). Dylan's voice was strong and upfront, and he managed to
actually sing at times, instead of growling. The not so loud songs were a
treat, really, especially To Ramona and Masters Of War. There were some
very good to excellent moments, for instance during It's alright Ma, when
the musicians succeeded in playing together and Dylan actuallly seemed to
enjoy the music. On the whole, a good evening. Bring your ear plugs.


Review by Nicolas Poiret

Just a few words, in my poor english, sorry, to tell you my mind about
last night's concert.

Great emotion to see him live on stage,

he begins with a correct Maggie's Farm

Then on "the times they are A-changin" and the next songs, his voice was
not so nice, a donkey voice some time or too much push other time.

His voice was better anyway on the more hard songs than on the slow
and quiet ones.

Hard to recognize Mr tambourine man, pity !

Anyway, It was great to see him,


the band were very good professionals but seemed just to do their work...

Bob was a bit pathetic:

hard work for him to sing
black suit and black seston all time  (the temperture was very hot, about
32 °C) never have a look or a word to the ones who paid to see him
(no, one time, just 2 seconds at the very end, with the band, and he look

No feelings, no pleasure, just work ?
Well, may be just too old for such a big tour.

Nicolas POIRET
LILLE (France)
47 years old

thank for your nice website


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