Dresden, Germany

Junge Garde

July 3, 2012

[Reinald Purmann]

Review by Reinald Purmann

Dylans New European Summer Tour – changing weather ? At least: Things have changed!
Having the privilege to see Dylan &  HIS band in two following nights in Berlin & Dresden
I will recommend his european friends to check it out by themself.

First are some minor changes, they start a little lazy, heavy security trying g to round up 
everyone (no, sorry, that is nothing new  ;-> ) skipped the “Call-To-The-Ring” 
announcement & Copelands Rodeo-Symphony. – Most humble suddenly  Stu Kimbell alone 
strolls from the back curtains, already playing the Intro to something sounding like LSPBH, 
George Recile joins in, the rest of the band arrives & than, sporting his White-House-Shades 
(in Berlin) Mr. D. will do the first lyrics. ?ery strange! 

The most vital change is the presence of some dark matter in the stage center, e.g. the
famous Grand Piano and, moreover important a piano bench!  See Dylan treating this, watch 
him playing piano is worth the admission alone, even little travelling!  He can sing with it like 
each Piano Man from every Bar (like his gripping, impressing, deep emotionally  “Love Sick” in 
Berlin), he can be the Rock’nRoller  (like "Rollin’ and Tumblin’ "in Dresden), he can even 
change between piano & keyboard & reverse, like "HWY 61" in Berlin).  A big new toy is on 
stage! - & You must see him, sitting on this piano-bench like on a pony, doing unforeseeable 
things with his hands, left foot placed on an amp.  Surely this will remind you of the
Chaplinesque young man from once upon a time. 

He will feature the Italian Opera Tenor, running  on stage while gesturing, like “Thin Man” or
“Things have Changed” in both shows. (Sorry – they have in the Opera no mouth harp.)  
Then he can do the Guitar-Man like in a perfect “It Ain’t me Babe” in Berlin or “Tangled” in 
both . And – this  is most important –he will do it that way best matching to every song. 
He or moreover his songs are the center of the show. And set-lists are changing, developing.
He did in Dresden 7 different songs from the night before.  And the Band? Perfect, great
Musicians all with perfect skill giving a frame for the show, adding most to a very entertaining 
110 minutes. Doing all  this perfect music ! They have nothing prove to anybody but to 
emphasize each & every song.

The venues were both very  nice – a Barrack Square in the old Prussian Fortress Spandau &
a stylish Amphitheater in a peacefull Park in Dresden. The whole show in a most relaxed 
summer atmosphere, touching everyone around. ("Summer Days "in Dresden was perfect!)
So - This unique man, called the Medalist of Freedom, Prince of Asturia, Chevalier Legion
d’Honeur, Polar Music Prize-Winner, multiple  Doctor of Music (Princeton, St. Andrews), 
the # 1 Contender of the Nobel-Prize-Crown has - most frankly spoken 
(hate to say this word) - reinvented his 2012 show.


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