Palafrugell (Girona), Spain

Cap Roig Gardems Festival
Jardins de Cap Roig
July 6, 2006

[Guillem Turon Mallol]

Review by Guillem Turon Mallol

It was my 7th Dylan show. I've seen him when he came near here, in 1989,
1993, 1995 (2 times), 1999, 2004 and yesterday. Always in Barcelona except
for one of the 2005 shows (Montpeiller) and yesterday's, that was the time
Dylan played the nearest show to my home. I will see him again next week
in Le Cannet.

I would say the best was in 1993, followed by 1999, 1995 and yesterday's
was superior to 2004 and 1989 (definitely the worst with horrible sound).

A negative thing for me is the predictable (as we're talking about Dylan)
setlists. Not onky because from one concert to other in the tour there
aren't many changes. He played too many songs I've had already heard live.

As someone said here one of these days the highest points are very high
and the lowest points very low. The result is an average concert. Not one
of his best nor one of his worst.

Interesting version of Maggie's farm. I'm not very fond of this song but I
think the version is good for kicking off the shows. But I would have
liked better a begginning with Things have changed like he sometimes did.
But well... at least his voice sounds far better than in 2004, when his
voice was a continous grunt.

I like the The times they are a-changin' too, but it's the same he did in
2004. The 2nd in the setlist too. It sounded too much as a repetition. I
assumed we had the begginning with Maggie's, The times and Down along the
cove and not the one with She belongs to me and Tweedle Dee (song that I
wouldn't like to hear again).

Down along the cove was a little surprising for me. It was more similar to
the original than I had imagined. I liked how it rocked. Me and my brother
were happily surprised.

Then, oh, no, Mr. Tambourine Man again. I never liked much that song, he
played it 5 of teh 7 times I've seen him and I found the version very
boring. One of the lowest points for me and all those who were with me.

It's alright ma, i'm only bleeding was an amusing surprise too. The best
version for me apart of 1978's. It sounded with much force.

I use to lick Stuck insiode of Mobile, but it was kind of "oh, this one
again!". Nothing new. I was wanting to hear something different. Simpy

Love sick was for me and my brother the highest point in the show. Great
version, great playing and great singing. It made the ticket price worth.

Highway 61... again. My mother's favourite and she always has the luck.
Definitely not the best version. They seemed to make a mess at the
begginning but at the ending they seemed to have a great time.

It took a time to recognize Girl of the north country. Very different
version. Only the lyrics made it recognizable. My mother says she
recognized it at the first note, even when she use to not recognize even
her favourites, but she recognized it even when it isn't one of them and
it wasn't nearly unrecognizable. Funny. The song, simply interesting.

I'll be your baby tonight. Another of my mother favourites was one of the
lowest points in the show. The same version than years ago and not very
well played and sung.

I don't believe you was for me the lowest point. After a boring I'll be
your baby tonight this song was hardly recognizable because of the
non-melody sung by Bob and he seemed to sang it only for doing time.

Luckily it came Masters of war (oh! another of my mother's favourites)
with a great version. It wasn't so great as in 1999 but near that
perfection. A highlight.

It came a correct Summer days and we all knew what were the 2 songs that
were to come. We simply enjoyed the time we still could spend with Bob.

A lot of people thought the concert had ended after Summer days because
Bob and his band were out the stage nearly 5 minutes. Those who were
informed we patiently waited for Like a rolling stone and All along the
watchtower. Many people were waiting Bob to go to the bus (I could see it
from my place) and came back running when heard he came back to the stage.
Then all the people left their seats and many went to the front of the
stage until the end.

The concert was a little strange. This festival it's a little for "posh"
people and there were a strange mix in the crowd. Many invitations to
people who probably even didn't like Bob made me feel angry. I got the
tickets by internet the night before they were supposed to put it on sale
and there was more than half sold!! And the people on those seats didn't
look like people who spent the night trying to buy tickets for Bob Dylan.
Too many people going to a "social act" and not to see Bob and few were
the lucky who we managed to get tickets I don't really know how.

Waiting for the begginning we had the opportunity to talk to an important
spanish singer, Bunbury, one of my favourites and a great Dylan fan
(, who was there. He was very kind with us and he
seated very near to us and seemed to enjoy it.

Well, I simply hope the next week show at Le Cannet has variations in the
setlist from yestarday, only to not repeat the same. I would like to hear
Cold irons bound, New morning, Things have changed, Forever young... or
anything. Many times the song you like the most in a Dylan concert is the
song you don't usually like.


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