Salzburg, Austria

Messezentrum Salzburg
(Salzburg Exhibition Center)

July 7, 2012

[Andreas Egger], [Miroslava Kejvalová]

Review by Andreas Egger

Dylan again in Salzburg - and the location is just a 20-minute-walk away from my apartment. 
But the best news for me are: Bob, the piano man, is back. Only the opener "Watching The 
River Flow" had Dylan on the Organ-Keyboards, all other songs were performed center stage 
(just mic and harp - no guitar) or with Dylan sitting on the black grand-piano. To me this is 
much better for the group's sound than the often too dominant organ of the last years. 

Although Dylan's voice is really scared he still was able to bark, growl and whisper himself to 
a very solid, very rocking show with three of my favorites on the set list: "Tweedle Dee", 
"Every Grain of Sand", "Visions of Johanna". Another highlights: "Things Have Changed" and
a very slow and quiet "Can't Wait". "High Water" had a minimalistic but crowd-pleasing 

And of course again "Ballad Of A Thin Man". It was a very great pleasure to hear AND SEE 
Dylan perform this song from a spot very close to the stage. He was a singer and an actor:
grinning, looking very shocked the next moment, making all kinds of faces. 

'Can't Wait' to see him again. 

Andreas Egger 


Review by Miroslava Kejvalová

Salzburg – my 6th  Bob Dylan´s concert and my boyfriend's 8th concert. The day before
the concert we met some Dylan fan who was singing Bob's songs on the street in Salzburg. 
This man was talking about Bob to the people who were standing around him and listening.
I think he made better promotion of this concert than Dylan's Austrian promoter because 
we saw not one poster in all of Salzburg or some bilboard with Bob's photo.  What a pity! 
We saw this singer at the show, indeed. 

And now shortly about show.  Absolutely stupid security who was aggresive and rough. 
We had our seats in 23th row and if we wanted to go to the stage before the concert, 
some idiot by security stopped us and forced us to go back.  He controled all people who 
were going around him like KGB.  But we don't want to sit here because we had a poor 
view on the stage from this place.  We wanted to go to the stage, near to Bob!! 
Not possible, but then we went upstairs on a tribune and got a great view on the stage. 
We're standing all the show by the railings and dancing, clapping and yelling like fools, only 
a few people around us.  When first song started, many people were rushing and pressured 
to the stage.  I must say, setlist was absolutely great.  Some surprises “ Watching the River 
Flow, Visions of Johanna, Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll and mainly Every Grain of Sand 
(lovely version).  Bob was in super mood, his singing was absolutely amazing,  very energetic 
and full of power!  He sings lightly and so much better than last year in Leipzig. His piano
playing is very interesting and gives his songs a new dimension.  No guitar, but never mind 
because Bob still reinvents himself and his songs too (because "..that he not busy being 
born is busy dying", right Bob?). I think a highlight of concert was the concert itself. When 
I was looking at Bob and his band from a tribune and listening to this music I was feeling like
in sacred Temple of music.  Thank you Bob for this feeling which you give me for many 
years, thank you for your favor.  God bless you.

Miroslava Kejvalová
The Czech republic 


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