Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Review - 07/09/98


July 9, 1998

Collegno, Italy
Pellerossa Festival

Thanks to Dario & Swewa A.I. for the following review:

Another beautiful meadow is the spot of this Bobfest at Collegno, near
Turin (Italy), on July 9th, Thursday night. The Villafranca concert,
just four days ago, took place in the yard within a very charming castle

creating an atmosphere that smelt of magic, and the show has been a
fable; this is an open park (once you’ve bought an entrance!) on a
splendid day with joy brewing in the air, mingled with the noise of the
audience - children and old men’s hats together… .
The slower-than-the-Blonde-on-blonde I want you is the notable thing of
the opening tracks along with the chaotic intro to Cold irons bound,
where the guys make a lot of noise until the bass line clearly emerges
and the song begins. Silvio, the present highlight of the first part
seems to have finally loosened the band but now the acoustic set is
starting with all our seasick sailors and Masters of war and long guitar

and harp solos in Tangled up in blue, and to finish disputes a
Guns’n’roses classical item, Knockin’ on heaven’s door.
The gift to this night’s audience is, we think, Blind Willie McTell,
played in the same electric arrangement of the version included in the
recent CD-single for Lovesick. Then Bucky Buxter picks and this time is
not the CD-single but Bob himself that sings “I’m walkin’…” leading the
show to the ending couple, where now “Everybody must get stoned” is
yelled just twice, and then the blues is on.
Yea, he speaks, he says “Mille grazie” (many many thanks) and something
like Italy is the most beautiful country in the world: to be plain, a
Take That-like thing, and this seems remarkable to us.
But oh, he goes, he jogs along the stage to the backstage, and the
people seems happy to have gifted the dear old man with a pleasant
Dressed up in his elegant suit, Dylan is sober but a grimming face
discovers a frenetic soul, and a grimace reveals and recalls the ironic
mood at times. The good feeling explodes during an oversoloed (but we
say: blessed are Bob’s live oversoloed songs!) Tangled up and our singer

leaves the stage, believe us, maybe happier than his audience.
His fellow musicians are very good. The newer couple, I mean, for
Garnier and Buxter are well known and still in form. Kemper is a valid
drummer and Campbell a very good guitarist, whose solos never fail to
surprise as they always sound new, unexpected.
Good-bye Bob, we hope to see you again next year!

Dario & Swewa A. I.

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