San Sabastian, Spain

Concierto Por La Paz (Peace Concert)
Playa de la Zurriola (Zurriola Beach)
July 11, 2006

[José Ramón Rodrigo]

Review by José Ramón Rodrigo

The tide was low and Bob played an amazing Girl from the North Country:
without a doubt the best performance of this concert. The crowded beach,
the surfers, the little ships, the pearly grey Donosti sky do the rest.
The setlist very close as you know ....but let me tell you the best for
me: At last Maggie goes more funky. Very good "Times" (it reminds me
Budokan) Thunderous version of It´s allright ma (very Budokan too with the
violin played by Herron) Rough but precious. Crystal clear Girl from the
North:  in a british ancient trobadour mood: like the pearls of  1966
hotel room with Robbie (see Eat the Document) Very good  I´ll be your baby
tonight. And very very good harmonica breaks in the show. Best timing and
groove of the band during  the show (Villalba was horrilbe) but of course
not a sublime gig like the mid 90´s or 2000: I remember the Tambourine Man
of Bilbao and what a waste of time the new version is. The Tambourine man
rattles fall asleep... An finally .... the  boring boring encore: "Like a
rolling stone" could be "Like a slow rock".  And Watchtower like the 
mother of covers of  Hendrix´s clone. Please Bob change the groove. Convert
to Islam or something new and play with a Bereber band if it's possible
cos you are not the problem ....the problem is you need a change. The
artists always need changes as you proved. Perhaps now the revolution is
not to change. This for me will be remember as "the Verbena Tour " The
small organ Bob plays is like the one of the "clean cut kid" that do
weddings to earn some money. And the way he plays is creepy and funny. So
come on Bob let the good times roll....and  please consider the f***** 
keyboard as the next gift for one of your last grandchildren.

Verbena * : Little Village Summer Band Fest in the typical square. 



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