Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum

July 11, 2012

[Angel Uriarte]

Review by Angel Uriarte

The concert had already started , and people were still coming into the area by the 
hundreds, such a big expectation had Bob created around him this time. But I 
sincerely doubt the audience got what they had come to hear, not familiar with this
way of   stretching without end  the songs and not picking any other more short or 
up tempo tunes. But there were no complaints, people respected him, he came to 
the center stage a few more times than is usual, sat at his piano to recreate the
songs brilliantly, like if he wanted to demonstrate something under the icon of  
modern art museums, the sound kept going up and up with every number, and 
used voice reververation in one. The ending of each one was a game for Bob, Charly 
and Tony. Hard rain was from another world, I almost got tears in my eyes with this 
one. Can´t wait was  so transparent with such a thin air  atmosphere, fact,
now that I think of it, it was like if the songs were a watercolor.

I believe this concert was hard, difficult and without concessions, but will be talked 
about much and kept in the annals of  everyone´s memory.

At one moment in the show I couldn't help but compare  the 54 year old Bob we 
saw in Bilbao in 1995 at the bullfighting ring, where we all sang along Mr Tambourine 
man, and this 71 year old Bob of last night, where we were all overpowered by his 
art, and I thought Time had made its job  on him and on me- I am the same age he 
was back then, but he has done even a better job with Time.

I want to see him again in Bayonne.

Thanks to my wife and friends Jon Ander and Nerea who had to suffer Bob once 

Angel Uriarte


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