Saint-Malô-du-Bois, France

Festival de Poupet
Theatre De Verdure

July 13, 2015

[Jean Marc Lantz]

Review by Jean Marc Lantz

Poupet is a beautiful setting in a samll vale . 3000 people  a good
audience calm and expecting .9.30 Stu and the guys followed by Bob open
jacket open shirt ! Things ... i won't treat everything but concentate on
a few highlights Don't think twice ! great expectations for what was to
come !!! Baby tonight a delight full moon smooth and moody great singing
the levee's gonna break and god almighty Visions of Johanna somewhat
'blurred' for me ! Jolene followed Yes ma'am Jolene . A tremendous
'Shelter ,  Blind Willie a surprising Tweedle dee ... Desolation Row and
Thin Man both inspired .   the encore with Watchtower !!! Bob is amazing
mesmerising incredible the audience showed their appreciation and he
seemed to be happy and relaxed ! It was the place to be . A message to the
young lady who plays the violin and was with her daughter who drew in
front of the venue ... I would be delighted to talk with her about Bob and
music . She can join me through this page and my e mail  That's all folks

Jean Marc Lantz


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