Foggia, Italy

Teatro Mediterraneo
July 19, 2006

[Kai Tenge]

Review by Kai Tenge

We spent our holidays in Corse (a french island nearby Italy), but at the 
end we went to Umbria in Italy, because we expected that Dylan would play
a gig  at Macerata (Because of our holidays we couldn't visit Bob's Show
at  Gelsenkirchen in Germany). Macerata is nearby Umbria, there is a very
nice  theatre,  100 km away from our appartment. But the show was 

My wife said "Let's go to Foggia!" But Foggia was 425 km from Umbria! We
startet at 12.00 to go to Foggia, but it was very hot! But we did  it
right to go out there...

At the end we arrived at the "teatro mediteranneo" at 17:30 and we  were
surprised, that it wasn't an old theatre. It's been an "Amphitheatre":
Some  places down in front of the stage (sold out), the others around
(nearby sold  out).

The concert started at 9:20. 

Maggies Farm was much better than I expected. They played it very 
powerful. I like the way they did it. The Times They are A-Changing was
the right one for the Italians: They knew  this song and they liked it. I
thought that some versions have even been better,  but this one has been
ok. I don't like Tweedle Dee. No version of this song. It's too 'similar'.
And  this version was not even better. :-( But Mr Tambourine Man was
great! The Intro - I didn't knew this version.  The phrases - great! Bob's
voice was clear and think he'd like to play it! 'Stuck Inside' is a song,
that he did never wrong to my opinion, Love sick  was one highlight of the
concert!! It's been great. I've heard it some times  live, but this time
it's been a great moment. I'll be your baby tonight - I think, it's a
"Liedchen". A filler. Not  wrong, but not a song you'll remember really
for a long time. Hard rain -  a song for the Italians. They knew the
verses of this  song ;-)) They liked it. Me too. A powerful version of
HW61, but the people did like this song so much - the  crowd talked about
it while Dylan was playing "Girl From The North  Country". "Girl From..."
is one of my favourites, but the people could't really  listen to it after
"61". 'It's alright" has been done well. Nice version too. Every Grain of
sand - this one is dedicated to someone all over the  rainbow. I like this
song,  he sang it at his best. Nice to hear it! Summerdays, LARS, WT -
these songs are ok. I like the way they did it! But  all the way we heard
it as far as we are visiting his concert the last years... 
 Well done, but I hoped to listen to one of the new songs from his new 
album. All the way, it's been a nice show. The setlist has not been 
outrageous, but the crowd enjoyed the show - and  me and my wife too. 

Dylan left the venue and gave two Italians autograms. In this moment I 
wished to be over there at the gate, where Dylan and his band left the 

425 km for one gig of Bob Dylan and his band - don't you dare miss  it!

Kai Tenge


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