Cosenza, Italy

Stadio San Vito
July 20, 2006

[Dario Capra]

Review by Dario Capra

28 days after Cosenza and still no review on Bob's dates... what a
shame... so this is mine

I travelled southbound with my wife from Milan to Calabria with two stops,
Pistoia on July 15th where Bob kindly entertained us, then down to Paestum
where on the 17th Bob kindly replied, and arrived in Catanzaro on the
18th. And Bob, as he's a kind person, came to play another show in a
nearby city on the 20th. Cosenza, Stadio San Vito. The newspaper after the
concert talked of about 8,000 people and I can confirm this evaluation.
Concert scheduled for 9,00 p.m. but with so much people in the backstage
(that was the open soccer field, as the stage was turned towards the bend
of the stadium), with Bob's people all dressed in black yelling even to
the mayor of Cosenza to stay away from the path that lead to the stage
that perhaps are the reason the concert began with a 25 minutes delay (in
Pistoia and Paestum they began on time).  At last a big black truck
entered the stadium and Bob and his band, live and in person, drop off.
The setlists have changed little in this european summer tour, and Cosenza
is no exception. Little novelties are Blind Willie McTell, always good but
now Stu plays acoustic guitar, and I miss his riffs with the electric, and
Hattie Carroll and, for us, Forever Young. Name me fool but what I like
best are the same, overheard, songs. Summer days is always sparkling,
Tweedle (Bob's played it in the last 5 concerts I been) is funny & strong,
LARS is the love of my life (can't help singing How does it feel every
time) and in Watchtower there's Donnie in suit and tie that makes the
loveliest solos. As I wrote elsewhere, Cosenza is not London so we didn't
expect no surprises but I can tell you one thing, he sang the last word of
Watchtower "wo-o-ooooooorth" louder than usual. Maybe he was glad to
finish with Europe for this year... or maybe it was just an impression of
mine. We wait for you to come again rollin' and tumblin', dear old Bob.

Dario Capra


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