Hartford, Connecticut

July 21, 2000

Meadows Music Theatre

[Larry Fishman], [A. Maz], [George Klotzbaugh], [Wendy Gell]

Review by Larry Fishman

First some general comments:

The Deadheads had the parking lot in full siege upon my arrival.  We
strode through the gauntlet with drugs, bottles of booze being sold out of
coolers, pot brownies, T Shirts and Hemp crap for sale - it was a mighty
freaky scene.

Had the good fortune to get a seat about 20 feet away from the
soundboard (...and four rows behind a nudist), so had a terrific sound mix
for the entire night.  The vocals were a tad low in the mix, but the sound
in general much better than for the Paul Simon tour that I attended there
a year ago.

Bob was in terrific spirits tonight with a head of steam and in the mood
to rock and roll.  Plenty of  leg shaking with an energetic and exuberant
Bob leading the band.  Wore his familiar black suit with the while lines
up the sides of the legs, finally lost that bolo tie and had a wide,
maroon or purple tie on.

The setlist was good and about half the songs performed were ones that I
had never heard live before.  As great a tune as it is, it's nice to give
"All Along the Watchtower" a rest.

Biggest surprise for me was the the pace of the show and the sound of the
band.  From recent setlists I expected more of Nashville Skyline and John
Wesley Harding and thought the sound of the band might have had more a
country flavor.  No pedal steel guitar at all and a much harder, more rock
oriented show.  We got just one short harmonica solo as Bob wanted to jam
and cook. OK, onto the show;

1. Duncan & Brady.   Sweet opener that I had only heard on boots
before.  Love hearing and learning these old songs.  They are sort of
Bob's "Harry Smith Folk Anthology" for his audience.

2.  To Ramona.   Have heard this quite a few times in concert.  Began with
an extended instrumental led by Larry Campbell's mandolin - one of Bob's
most simple and direct love songs.

3.  Desolation Row.  An extraordinary reworked performance with the
song's first verse done slowly and then the rest of the song sped up
with a couple of instrumental jams thrown in.    The crowd applauding
various couplets (is there any other artists with whom that happens).
First highlight of the night.

4.  Tomorrow is a Long Time.  A real good slow version, nearly done as a
duet with Larry Campbell harmonizing on the choruses.

5.  Tangled Up in Blue.   One of the very best versions that I have
caught live.  Was a harmonica solo away from being heaven on earth.

6.  Soldier Searching for His Grave.  Was looking forward to this one as
he has performed this old gospel/folk tune the last number of shows.  A
downbeat and enjoyable tale and nice close to the acoustic set.

7.  Country Pie.  A sloppy but fun romp, with Charlie Sexton and Larry
Campbell trading some tasty countryfied guitar licks.

8.  If Not For You.  A surprising rockin' electric version, have only
heard slow versions in the past.  Tony Garnier on bass, had a particulalry
good night. Terrific man.

9.  Tombstone Blues.  Similar in pacing to the snappy  MTV Unplugged (an
unneccessarily maligned disc) version, except plugged.  Real glad Bob has
added this one into rotation.

10.  Tears of Rage.  Had a chill as he sang the opening verse.  The
highlight of the evening for me.  A magnificient vocal on the verses
with the band chiming in on the chorus.  Thanks, Bob.

11.  Cold Irons Bound.  An entirely reworked take, had seen a couple of
album-faithful versions in concert before, but this was the heavy metal,
volume to 11 version.  While the somewhat industrial noise introduction
remained, the band slammed out the riff over a sort of sycopated drum
beat.  A light show coordinated with the beautiful noise.

12.  Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat.  A steady as she goes rock version ended
the set with the band- hands in front- standing still - accepting the
crowd's applause before heading off.  They did the same at night's end..

13.  Things Have Changed.  Was a faithful, but electric version, of the
tune.  Nice to hear in concert.  The lyrics might indicate others, but he
still cares...

14.  Like A Rolling Stone.  Slowed down just a tad, a great take on the
classic.  It was during "How Do You Feel" that the nudist in front us let
us know.  Slightly distracting, but I enjoyed the song nonetheless.

15.  Mr. Tambourine Man.  Fine version with Bob unstrapping the guitar and
finally pulling out the harmonica (to big time applause) for a short,
closing solo.

16.  Highway 61 Revisited.  The band was crankin' getting the crowd
dancin and swingin'

17.  Blowin' in the Wind.  Always nice to hear this song and think it's a
nice way to close out the evening.

Ready for another night, still waiting for "Visions of Johanna."

-Larry Fishman


Review by A. Maz

Dylan rocked, the band was tight, his guitar was in tune....It was one
great show!

We got there about 7:00, an hour before show time to a 3/4 empty Meadows
Music Center. By the time Dylan came on at 8:15, it was about 3/4 full,
obviously not to capacity (people still don't know he is opening). We had
managed to leave our seats and find a spot in the fourth row, dead center
about 10 feet from Bob.

Duncan and Brady-In my opinion a great opener, his vocals were great, he
was animated, and his band was into it. The line "I've been in this too
long" echoed throughout the amphitheatre, as we could see a slight
sarcastic smile as he would snarl that line.

To Ramona-Not one of my favorite songs, but really well done. Again great
vocals and arrangement. 

Desolation Row- One of my favorite songs of the night. Great arrangement.
It was slow at first, picks up during the four lines before "desolation
row" and then goes into some good guitar work. Dylan really enjoyed doing
this, he was dancing and doing his best chuck berry guitar walk. Great
song, Great arrangement.

Tommorow is A long Time-Soft, heart felt version. His voice really worked
on the refrain..."then i would lie softly in my bed once again"..

Tangled Up In Blue-I can never get sick of this song. There is just so
much energy here. He really was clear on his vocals, did an extra verse,
and played some great guitar licks. The band was tight, Dylan was moving,
great song.

Searching For a Soldiers Grave- I've never heard this song before, so I
have nothing to compare it to. I will say that the band sang it in harmony
and it was heartfelt. In my opinion, the weakest of the acoustic set-still
well done though!

Country Pie-Just plain rocking. Charlie played some great guitar riffs
during this song as did Dylan. It was blazing, short, and really got the
crowd pumped up. After the song Dylan said "that was for all you mindless
people" then snarled, moving right into

If Not For You-Much better than the recorded version. It seemed almost
rocking, in a way. He was clear on his vocals and the band played some
nice backup.

Tombstone Blues-Rocked once again. Great guitar work by Dylan, Larry, and
Charlie. They were all into it, exchanging glances and Dylan started
dancing feverishly during his solo.

Tears of Rage-Well done, the chorus was done in echo harmony (Dylan would
say tears of rage, Larry and Charlie would say tears of rage). This
version was faster than the one on the basement tapes.

Cold Irons Bound-Perhaps my favorite song of the night. Really great
arrangement, 360 degrees from that on Time Out Of Mind. After a drum solo
and musical intro they drove right into it. After each line they would
slam the guitar (similiar to not fade away), dylan would get to his knees
and smile. Great Rocking version, the crowd loved it.

Leapord Skin....Another blazing version with great guitar work and great
vocals. The crowd was really into it, dancing and loving it. It was

Encores: the encores were pretty standard, but well done. Things Have
Changed was great, Dylan plays with his delivery a little making for a
killer version. Like a Rolling Stone was the crowd favorite, very well
done though, and exploding with a combination of guitar and light show
effects. They went acoustic next with tamborine man, at the end dylan took
off his guitar, got a hand held microphone, and played a killer harp solo.
Next, a blazing guitar romping Highway 61, really got the crowd pumped up.
They ended the show with a heartfelt yet standard Blowin In The Wind,
still it hit the spot!

Dylan was in rare form tonight. He was animated, dancing , and didn't miss
a chord. The audience was on it's feet since the first song and never sat
down (until Phil Lesh). He played a lot of high voltage guitar driven rock
songs that really made for a fun night. Every song was well done, Bob
really delivered... Can't wait for Mansfield and SPAC. 

     -A. Maz 


Review by George Klotzbaugh

First show I've seen since New Haven and Amherst, Nov 1999 and first one
I've heard since May 2000 CDRs.  The guitar work just keeps getting
tighter and tighter.  Campbell's ability to base his leads on the same
riffs and figures that he was using in support is a joy.  Always
inventive, always tasteful, in lead or support.

Tears Of Rage was a real highlight.  Larry and Charlie sang harmony
responses to Bob's lead on the chorus.  Sounded like homage to The Band's

Dylan was quire animated, doing his weird little dance steps and poses
from virtually beginning to end.  As for The Formation, Campbell broke
ranks well in advance of the others.  I wondered whether this is standard
procedure or whether he is not entirely comfortable with it.

If Not For You was passionate and tight.  Not just the run through that it

can sometimes be.  The modified arrangement of Cold Irons Bound is
somewhat startling. A lot of the dancers, groovers and twirlers couldn't
seem to find their groove.  Bummer.

As has been the case on this tour (judging from set lists), the encore
numbers were competent but unexceptional.  God I miss Not Fade Away.  I
always love it when a great band closes with a great cover...  passing the

torch... the beat goes on.

Tomorrow I head for Great Woods.  I refuse to call it The Tweeter Center.
The only permissible use of the word "tweeter" in a sentence is by using
the phrase "funkier than a skeeter's tweeter."

I'm going with a friend who's last concert was the original Woodstock (I'm

not kidding), his 13 year old son and the 15 year old girl his son
fancies.  I had to talk the son into going, saying "In 30 years, you'll be

glad you did."


Review by Wendy Gell

Right Upside Your Head!
Black words on a lavender field .I laugh when I see the poster.
The Meadows Music theatre Fri July 21 8 PM Right upside your head Bob
Dylan and His Band  And Phil Lesh and friends 2 big bands 2 Don't you dare
miss it!! Hilarious. I saw Bob last July or was it the July before with
Paul Simon I remember because I used that great poster of the two trains
in a collage -NY Daily News cover Hottest July Ever I pasted a great
newsprint picture of Bob's smiling face .Let me set the background of this
special Friday. It was a whirlwind week at my house so many projects all
due that day. Mariah Carey is making a movie called All That Glitters. It
takes place in the 1983 -New York club and fashion scene. My name came up
when they did the costume research, so they tracked me down. The costume
director picked some original 80's pieces and commissioned some new Lucite
and silver cuffs for Mariah to wear. My shipping deadline was the same
Friday as the Dylan Concert, and the next day, Saturday, I had the outdoor
European Market to do in New Haven in front of the Yale Art Museum. I  had
to pack the car because I wouldn't be coming home until after. It was like
a Mad Tea Party at the Willie Wonka's Jewel Factory, and  we also had to
ship the airplane jewelry and martini glasses I made for an airplane show
in Osh Kosh. At 2:00 we were still soldering chain in my living room,
having moved a kiln shelf in to protect the glass covered table, and I'm
packing the car for the art show, and trying to decide what jewelry to
wear to the concert. Oh and the tickets! !Grrrrrrr.! I ordered mine on
line from GDTS and they never arrived, thank you very much!  I e-mailed
them frantically Thursday asking "Where are my tickets?" I had even paid
for fed ex return but to no avail. They said they never got the Money
order, too bad for me. Fortunately that week a friend brought a lovely
woman to my house to look at my artwork. Abbie is tall and graceful, she
floated around not quite touching the ground looking at the work .She said
"You like Bob Dylan," smiling, obviously my house is filled with Bob Dylan
art. Turns out she and her husband are part owners of "Toads Place," a
club in New Haven where all the bands play and Bob did his legendary 6
hour show in 1990. She asked the price of two pieces and without
hesitation bought them -- two beautiful Milagros, which are Mexican
inspired miracle crosses I had made in 1997. One called "Angel Layers" was
on  my website linked to the lyrics to You Angel You on Boblinks . Abbie
said she could get me good seats since mine never came, and had I invited
my wonderful friend Ellen , excellent designer of my website and Ramon her
husband who teaches Music Theory at Yale. Ramon screamed with glee when he
heard Phil Lesh was playing too.  Ramon is in different bands and every
time we have a party at my house, he brings a different band to play. It
was my thank you to Ellen for doing such a cool job on my website. The
seats were in row J, right in the middle. I had had horrible seats at the
Coliseum last October in a dead sound zone. Amherst was better, but I like
to get up close and personal. The acoustics at the Meadows were ideal --
"Right up side your head !!" like the poster says. Really good though Bob
and the band could have been  much  closer for my taste. People sitting
next to me on the left seemed to keep changing during the evening. One guy
sat who down next to me looked familiar. It turned out he was from Stoney
Creek, a cute seaside town where I had done a one person art show in their
library. He said he used to produce concerts, he said, even Jimi Hendrix.
He said Bob's concert tonight was the very best one he had ever been to. I
was shocked.

The guitars were amazing; I love how Bob works with his guitar like it's
alive with a mind of it's own. Sometimes he wraps himself around it, or
rides it like a horse, or a bucking bronco. Cradles it, carries it like a
shaft of wheat. We were maybe even gonna get to go backstage but Abbie and
her husband had to cancel at the last moment. I always wanted Bob to see
my art, I don't even want to meet him just have him see my work.  Like
Black Crow Blues, "All I really wanna  to do oo ooo  is baby be friends
with you." I took Vicki my good pal, a plant designer as my date. We all
met up in Hartford at a cute outdoor restaurant called the Pump House
Grill, right on the edge of Bushnell Park, where there was also live
music. We took pictures of me in Mariah Carey's cuffs I knew I could use
pictures for my review,.  I get a lot of traffic after each show. The
weird thing is I get 700 visits every week to my Dylan art gallery. I
don't know if it the same 700 people or what, it's weird,  all year every
week about 700 visits. It's Friday again a full week since the concert and
I'm just sitting down to write my review because I've had so much to do.
The people at The Meadows were much older then the concerts I had seen
lately. Everyone was having a great time, I never even heard the "Ladies
and gentlemen will you please welcome Columbia recording artist Bob Dylan"
 intro, before I saw the show had started. In the first number Duncan and
Brady they set a good tone for the evening -- lively and upbeat. I had my
composition book with me to take notes in, and just my camel purse, and
the book kept falling on the floor, along with my reading glasses and pen,
the way the seat went back when you stood up and left a 6 inch space in
between. All night I was picking things up and dropping them. People stood
for most of the numbers, which was great.  I wore my lavender enamel
orchid wristy which matched the poster well and a number of the beaded
elastic gelastic bracelets I've been making. One lady at the New Haven
show bought all the ones I was wearing last week, some with brightly
reflecting translucent amber spears and crystal dangles, like stalactites
in a cave. It was fun applauding and waving in them since they moved
around a lot and reflected the light.. Bob did "Ramona" next, which was
warm and wonderful -- one of my favorite songs, which I don't think I've
ever heard live before. It sent a sweet wave of pleasure through the crowd
as Bob purred "Ramona come closer shut softy your watery eyes," it seemed
like she was there. The band was well dressed, the lighting was inventive
but not overpowering. Who knows maybe someday baby I'll come and be crying
to you." Larry's  mandolin was heartfelt and penetrating. The band looks
good. "Desolation Row," "Tomorrow is a long time."  I liked the way the
set was going. "It's a cowboy band," someone said loudly. Bob makes his
funny expressions, his creative sparkle coming through. "Searching for a
Soldiers Grave." The songs begin and are over with magical timing, one
after the other, Bob gives us a long slow glance over his shoulder. He
wraps himself around the guitar like a bird's wings and flings open the
doors to a wildly happy and outrageous Country Pie, the 3 guitars are
fantastic, just fantastic and the crowd is jazzed "If Not for You, "
wonderful, I wish I could hear it right now.

The acoustics were amazing where we were and I was appreciating it a lot.
The guitar just went through you. My parrot Rosie is singing "Row row row
your boat,  Rosie Rosie row your boat . "  she knows I'm writing about
her, she's psychic, she loves Dylan as much as me. When the music goes on
she's performing every minute joy bird. She does everyone's voice who
comes to visit, clicks, whistles, and taps says about  200 words, Today
she's doing everything - -she burps, she coughs, she says "Ouch," and
laughs, even imitates Bob singing.

I bought a bumper sticker silvery and oval: Bob Dylan Fan Club. I put it
next to my "Star Fleet Academy" sticker.  Halfway through the show I
started getting sad that it would be over soon. I tried to stay in the
moment and started to draw in my notebook. About that time he did "Highway
61."  I sketched  Bob with a few lines. "Cold Iron bound" great Rocked
hard. Bob looked very handsome in his suit and tie, picked up a black
cowboy hat he didn't put on as they left the stage. A great review of the
concert in Camden by Peter Stone Brown came in one of the email lists I'm
on. Such a different experience. Philadelpia where the politicians are
gathering sounded like a dark day. The Hartford Meadows was light and

One unexpected pleasure of the evening was Phil Lesh's set. Bob always
goes last so through Phil's set I'm waiting for Bob so I'm not really
paying much attention. I  loved Phil's set and the musicians. The keyboard
really filled in a musical place that Bob's rhythm band left open and it
was a wonderful compliment. Made you remember how cool piano is.  "Dancing
 in the Streets" was fun and the new guitar player from Little Feat is
adorable and has a great voice, too. I did some good sketches of him -- he
was easy to catch in few lines. I just scribbled away the whole time
having a blast Vicki had her eyes closed and was just beaming like a halo.
The room seemed to be expanding and radiant. I got this picture of Jerry
Garcia in the middle of my head and it stayed there like a big Buddha or
Cheshire Cat, grinning till I had to consciously remove it, but it was
fun. I was glad Bob didn't close with "Rainy Day Women" I can hardly bear
to hear it anymore. A lot of people were getting stoned and the security
was not around to bother them -- that was nice.. Someone behind me put a
huge microphone practically in my hair to tape Phil's set. It was so
obvious. "Blowin in the Wind" closed the encore, it was so classy. It
could have been 30 years ago or right now. The harmonies were beautiful 
Bob's voice is in great shape. "Mr. Tambourine Man" was languid and
dreamy. I see that 10-foot neon sign of the Guitar Player 100 feet above
the street on the wall of the New Haven Coliseum, dancing beneath the
diamond sky with one hand waving free. Wonderful beautiful harmonies.

I wish Bob would do "I Want You" sometime soon. And Senior, There so many
songs you want to hear. I wonder when he might be coming back to New Haven
or maybe I could drive further next time. At the end I liked the moments
the band stood and faced the crowd relaxed and dignified, Bob, one hand in
his pocket looking a bit sheepish smiling and just let us applaud and they
stood there and we loved them and they loved it. Sweet. Tomorrow is a long
time, immense. There was only one harp solo, I guess Bob's been playing
less harp music. Maybe saving that breath, may it last forever. "Tears of
Rage" was a great surprise, sweep's you away. "Tears of rage, tears of
grief, Why must I always be the thief? Come to me now, you know We're so
alone And life is brief. Desolation Row-"Cinderella, she seems so easy.
Takes one to know one she smiles,  puts her hands in her back pockets,
Bette Davis style." Bob turns and molds the words with his voice,  like
clay into sweet  strawberries. I could hear this song forever it's so
evocative filled with mysterious images and that keep changing. The
guitars are like rainfall playing back and forth to each other
interweaving and coming forth and the super human crew comes out and
rounds up everyone that knows more then they do. The crowd is vivid with
intensity. The set ends with leopard skin pillbox hat. I can hardly
remember the intermission.

After the break they roll back on stage and open with Bob's song from the
movie "Wonder Boys."  Things Have Changed. Every line in it is truth to
the bone. "People are crazy and times are strange I'm locked in tight, I'm
out of range I used to care, but things have changed" he's intense ,
amazing. "Lot of water under the bridge, Lot of other stuff too Don't get
up gentlemen, I'm only passing through" I'm cheering my brains out. He
knows his words they ring from inside out the whole room is floating.
 The song is too good. Can't wait to hear more new songs.I hear he is
working on an HBO comedy and music special.

Next they swung into Like a Rolling Stone, we're getting so many good
songs, treasures, personal history to each person "hoooow does it
feeeeell" Bob squeezes blood from a stone, all the juice out of each word,
the audience cheers hanging on, "go to him he calls you you can't refuse",
the crowd roars again , that's why we go to so many Dylan concerts. "You
said you'd never compromise With the mystery tramp, but now you
realize..." Bob make s all his songs new .The words alive.He's not selling
any alibis As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes And ask him do you
want to make a deal?" The sounds in the room get bigger and bigger
impossible to describe. A pure and precious Dylan Moment. I could tell it
was gonna be a long encore, Bob was having so much fun. We got 17 songs in
all. At the end I heard people say "this is the most fun I ever had," and
all kinds of bliss .Two women up behind me were on their feet all night
long dancing  drinking and carrying on. The gray pony- tail guy in front
of me dancing all night too. The arrangements had a focus and depth of
exuberance it was very enjoyable I wanted to wrap myself up in it and take
it home what a great band. I could hardly read a thing I wrote in my
notebook it was totally illegible and I thought I was being so careful ha.
I can scan in some of my sketches but not read what I wrote .I wonder how
my airplane jewelry did in Osh Kosh. Last night there was an art opening
at the York Square Cinema Gallery in New Haven, which my boyfriend Johnes
curates,  great paintings by  Clarice Pollack good party in the movie
lobby gallery. Floatin' Fred came by, wearing an amazing shirt with a
martini on fire. He's always at the Dylan concerts too. One of my Dylan
Pals. Mariah's bracelets were done and Bob's concert over, our little
street fair in New Haven will go on Saturdays all summer. Bob would be
touring in Europe and it might be along time before I' ll  hear him live
again.  We absorbed every moment. "Come to me now you know we're so alone
and life is brief." "Wanna come out?" Rosie my parrot begs in a pleading
voice sweetly. She makes the squeaking sound of the front door opening and
yells "hello    .any body here?".Anybody home? Hellooooooo." Wendy Gell


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