Hong Kong

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

August 4, 2018

[Marcus Marsden]

Review by Marcus Marsden

Another very good show. The venue was cold and cavernous and it showed in
the first couple of songs I think. Took a little while to warm up. By H61,
it was cooking though. The security was really tight at the beginning,
with people just texting being told to turn off phones and put them away.
As soon as the lights went down, they didn't seem too bothered though and
photos were being taken from quite early on - followed by video at the
end. Im sure that's all available by now ... and that a tape will surface.

I missed Watchtower tonight but enjoyed the weary nature of "Wasted
Years". I'm always pleased to hear Thin Man, so good to have that back as
the closer. No standards again. No real huddling up between songs this
time, so I'd guess this will be the 'basic' set from here on. The
audience, as expected, was more "into it" than in Taipei and Bob responded
with a show that was a little more “powerful” to my ears than the one
that preceded it. My seat was dead centre about 15 rows back - a great
place to survey the whole band and overall set up. The sound was markedly

For those interested in merchandise - not much of interest. Nothing
specific for Asia that I can see. The usual parade of hats, bags and t
shirts. The program looks familiar (dark blue cover) although I have not
seen inside .. I'm certain to weaken in Singapore.


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